Wii now matches Xbox 360 in total market share

Despite the Xbox 360's one year head start, the Nintendo Wii has now matched the 360 in total market share. Heading into Friday's start to the holiday shopping season, the Xbox 360, however, still maintains a considerable lead on the PlayStation 3.

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IntelligentAj3954d ago

On the Wii reaching 360's market share: Who didn't expect this to happen with the Wii being aimed at a far larger market and being almost half the price of the 360 and PS3. I can tell you this much though. While I don't like the 360 I doubt that Wii will ever come close to selling the same amount of software as the 360.

And since the system has been out for almost 2 years compared with the PS3's 1 I would hope that the sales for the 360 would at least be double(or somewhere close) that of the PS3(which has pretty good numbers for a console in it's first year with such a high price and extremely stiff competition)


mboojigga3954d ago

Thats because it is pretty clear the majority have bought the system for Blu-Ray vs gaming vs BR/Gaming. The software for that story tells it all.

Blu-Ray high attach ratio. Blu-Ray Games.........not so much.

IntelligentAj3954d ago

I don't really think that people buy the PS3 for movies I just think there are enough titles out there to appeal to more people. I have more than enough games to keep me satisfied but that's not how other people feel hence the attach rate.

Bnet3433954d ago

It's always going to be PS3 vs. Xbox 360. Wii is just their to compliment either one.

Night4ll3954d ago

As awesome as the graphics and hardware on the 360 and PS3 are, I haven't been really tempted to get one and I haven't followed videogames since the PS1 and N64. I briefly owned a PS2 (recently actually) but I actually traded it (I know I'm crazy that way).

I think for me, the PS3 and 360 (PS3 mostly) haven't brought much innovation to videogames other than graphics. So essentially I feel like if I bought either of those consoles I'd just be playing games the same way as b4 with the only difference being the graphics.

With the games I've played on Wii I feel I'm getting a different experience and a more interactive experience.

I think just like the DS, the Wii is a breath of fresh air in the gaming industry. I know many hardcore gamers think otherwise, but I think it's pretty narrow minded to ignore the Wii just because it's graphics aren't Hi-def. If anyone gets a chance they should try twilight princess, godfather (or scarface), metroid prime corruption, or Mario galaxy. I don't think anyone can play those games and not see the fun that the Wii can provide.

antoinetm3954d ago

The end of the world is upon us!

WIIIS13954d ago

No matter our views on the console, we have to give credit to Nintendo for their success with the Wii. What they have achieved in their first year is something that everyone expected Sony to achieve with the PS3. No one had predicted this reversal of roles between Sony and Nintendo before their consoles were launched.

Danja3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

If Nintedo had the guts to literally compete with the PS3/ in building a new console..not some rehash with gimmick controllers..and they had beaten the ps3/360..biegn priced with in the same price range I would give them credit..

there software sale is a disgrace..and they're the only ones actually making good games for the system does that ring a bell...hmm seems to me like nothing hasn't changed from last gen other than well the are selling more consoles at a faster rate.and we still don't know if those same ppl buying the Wii aren't originl gamecube owners..!!

cmrbe3954d ago

Yes but it would have been sucide for Nitendo. I believe Nitendo knew that there was a huge casual market out there with the success of the DS so they took a big gamble by creating a console that will focus entirely on the casual market and thus not competing directly with the PS3 and x360.

The roles reversed after E3 2006. After E3 2006 everyone said PS3 was doom and people couldn't stop sining wii praise.I am surprise by the degree of reversal though. I though it would be pretty even until the PS3 came down in price.

mboojigga3954d ago

Yet software sales pale in comparison with the 360. Gamecube all over again.

ASSASSYN 36o3954d ago

It is a toy. It will pass as the games dwindle.

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