Sony Buys Out Ericsson For A Tremendous Wad Of Cash

PushSquare: "As previously rumoured, Sony has purchased Ericsson's 50 percent stake in Sony Ericsson, giving the PlayStation platform holder full control over the mobile unit. Sony swooped in with a deal worth €1.05 billion (or $1.45 billion). So a real hunk of change, then."

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bahabeast86192401d ago

way 2 go sony :)

which is better deal?

microsoft buy skype - 8 bill

sony buy ericson - 1.4 bill


skype is pertty sweet EVERYONE USES IT

forcefullpower2401d ago

At last. Ericsson have been slowing putting Sony phones down the plug hole.

This will be really good for the phone market.

lociefer2401d ago

nice, now hopefully they put something on the aino '''play now'' its been deserted since last year

darthv722401d ago

it just makes better sense that sony be in control of their phone division. Ericsson wasnt managing things properly.

As for the "everyone uses skype" does that mean sony wont anymore because its owned by MS?

Bull5hifT2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Hopefully this Means Sonys Verizon Contract will open to the Vita... . Apple shoulda let AT&T Die .... Is it true the Vita has a Custom Android OP

Blaine2401d ago


Sony's computers run Windows. I doubt Sony's going to stop using Skype because MS owns it!

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BrunoM2401d ago

these can be a huge deal .... is known that sony has really close ties with google and well sony suite is going all ways we gona say SONY tablets just like apple i think ...

plus since sony does do phones why not own the company who puts them out no ?

well good deal i say on my part ... and 1.4Bil is ALOT OF DAMN CASH lol

gamingdroid2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

I'm not sure about that. The company spent more than 6% of their own value ($22 billion market cap) to buy the remains of Ericson. That's somewhat of a huge risk considering the situation the company is in...

With that kind of money, isn't it better to just start a new division for Sony?

BattleAxe2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )


It was announced that Sony had an $8 Billion cash reserves just before they bought Sucker Punch. Expect some additional buyouts. One rumor floating around was that Sony might also buy IMAX and Netflix.

gamingdroid2400d ago

That is actually kind of worse in some ways, because that means SNE business is worth $14 billion. In the last few years they destroyed about $9 billion of value according to their market cap.

Even at $4 billion for Netflix (due to the recent loss of value from $16 billion) is not something Sony could buy easily. They would have to pay significantly more than that and dry up their reserves.

It would be far better for them to try and build their own service like they have....

That said, cash is king!

egidem2401d ago

This is not about which deal is better. It's about what each buying party will benefit from that buy itself. Sony had been partnered with Ericsson for quite some time and they've made some awesome phones, like the Walkman series.

Increasing competition from Nokia (which is also dying) made things tougher for Sony Ericsson. It makes sense that Sony buys them out and focus them on the production of say their upcoming smart phones or perhaps tablets.

As for Microsoft, their deal with Skype will benefit them in their own way. Yes, Skype is pretty sweet, NOT EVERYONE USES IT. (such as myself).

kevnb2400d ago

they didnt buy ericson, they bought their part of the sony ericson joint venture.

Andronix2400d ago

The 3G Vita already has the hardware built in, if Sony add some phone functionality it would be a genuine PlayStation phone and I'm sure there would be a market for it.

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theonlylolking2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

They should buy out apple. Just think about how much more open all ipods would be if sony bought them.

BrunoM2401d ago

lol for more that i like sony and all its products ... i dont think buy apple whould be something humm will be something happein any time soon .... they make to much money on their own and ya i like my iphone the way it is lol ....

buy hey we can all dream it would be amazing sony puting apple patents and tech on playstation brand

AdmiralSnake2401d ago

Sony doesn't have enough money to buy apple, I believe apple has the money to buy Sony though.

skip2mylou2401d ago

apple has enough money to buy out multiple companies actually they could pay off the debt that america has

GamersRulz2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Do you guys know how much money Sony cost ? it is one of Worldwide top 20 semiconductors Sales Leaders.

I mean Sony price easily exceeds 150 billion.

kneon2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

You are vastly underestimating the US dept. Apple has ~$80billion, the US dept INCREASES by more than that much every month.

As of a few minutes ago it was about

$ 14,941,163,684,952.91

Let us now subtract Apple's cash on hand

$ 14,941,163,684,952.91
- $ 80,000,000,000,00
$ 14,861,163,684,952.91

Hardly put a dent in it, it only went down about half of a percent, and it will be back to where in was in just a few weeks.

GamersRulz2401d ago


you mean US debt, right ?

kneon2400d ago


Yup, sorry that's a stupid typo

dc12400d ago

As many have stated. Apple is the most liquid wealthy corp in the world. No one is buying them out.

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malol2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

apple and sony is just another face of the same coin
they both like overpriced/classy/shiny/gimmic ky things ( which i like)
with great builds and durability

its just apple is more main stream with their (I) stuff

kneon2401d ago

Durable Apples? I guess you didn't see the Apple vs Galaxy drop tests. In case you haven't I'll give you a hint as to the outcome, some fruits are easily bruised :)

egidem2401d ago

Apple just patented the "Slide to Unlock" gesture. They actually managed to patent a freaking GESTURE. Not even the underlining technology, but the actual gesture. So this means that pretty much Android devices using this mechanism of Slide to Unlock (left to right) are infringing on this pathetic patent!

Last thing we want is for Sony to acquire Apple. Even if they wanted to drop the cash on Apple, it would be an acquisition that wouldn't be worth it!

gamingdroid2400d ago

Apple's market cap is $370+ billion, while Sony is $22 billion. Heck, Apple has enough cash to buy SNE several times over.

So no, SNE can't buy Apple. Not even close!

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Raven_Nomad2401d ago

Well, they were a solid company once.

BitbyDeath2401d ago

You were a solid poster once /s

nyobzoo2401d ago

I never knew Ericsson was not a part of Sony

iamnsuperman2401d ago

Now hopefully a proper PSP phone will come. I think it is the next logical step especially for the casual/semi hardcore who carry systems in this economic climate.

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