Wii the fastest selling console to reach 200k down under

Nintendo Australia has just announced that the Wii is now officially the fastest selling console in Australia, reaching 200,000 units sold. The Wii has done this just two weeks shy of its Australian one year launch anniversary.

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Real gamer 4 life3652d ago

Lol the wii is going to break the ps2 sales.

Danja3652d ago

hmm okay...those aussie's sure are

HarryEtTubMan3652d ago

PS3 has sold 100,000 being WAYYYY more expensive.

IntelligentAj3652d ago

Damn how often are we going to see these articles. The system is $250 and it's aimed at a far larger market than the other 2 systems. This shouldn't amaze anyone. That being said damn fine work!!!

cooke153652d ago

They are about as good as links to reviews of bad Wii games no one gives a crap about. Yet those are really popular, they make ps3 fanboys feel better about their console.

rofldings3652d ago

That doesn't keep you from coming into those threads and trolling on PS3/ games. Does it make Wii fangrandmas such as yourself feel better about not having any games at all?

Thinking of this as - returning the favor.

cooke153652d ago

I dont troll PS3 games.. I am above that, thanks for thinking of me though.

Danja3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

BTW..FADS don't stay popular that long..the Wii will become a victim of it's own success..!!!

Just remember that without PS3 and 360 fanboys Wii news would never get approvals to be on frontpage....cuz ther's hardly any Wii supporters here other than well...uhhh YOU

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Zinny3652d ago

FFS Aussies stop buying it! Nintendo keep ripping you off again and again and you just take it!

SPM: 6 months late
Metroid 3: 1 month late
Galaxy: 1 month late
Zack and Wiki: 2008

They don't give a crap about Australia! They can't even release galaxy, their biggest game this gen within a month on the US release! Pathetic! It's also over priced at $400. That's like $388 American.

zerolinkgannon3651d ago

Umm you do know that no one's gonna listen to you right? oh..ok, just checking. So you can stop the nonsence now.---Zerolink

Zinny3651d ago

Sorry I don't like getting screwed over. A lot of other Wii owners I know are annoyed by it too so it isn't nonsence.

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