Is it OK for adults to play video games?

There was a time where video games were once the domain of young children and 'computer geeks'. Nowadays it's a multi billion dollar industry, with some games receiving the hype usually reserved for Hollywood blockbuster. But can a gamer confidently talk 'Halo' strategies at dinner parties in the same way people would talk golf, and not look silly?

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Boink3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

speaking as one, yes it's fine.

it depends on the age though, 30-35 is the first generation that really grew up with video games, and are a huge segment of the market.

but if you bring it up with people 40+, you will look like a tool...

that and having a strong knowledge of the games will help me in keeping my kids from playing games they shouldn't.

more adults should take an interest, if only for their kids sake.

ReBurn3833d ago

Oh, man. I just barely squeaked in under that age limit. But I agree with you. I don't know many people older than I am that are gamers.

PS3n3603833d ago

I will play vids till the day I die. It keeps me young and immature which is exactly what I want. Being old sucks I dont intend to grow up ever. I still skateboard snowboard surf and smoke dope. For 8 hours a day i have to pretend i am an adult at work and thats enough.

ReBurn3833d ago

I thought for a second that you said that you smoke dope for 8 hours a day.

PS3n3603833d ago

Bong bubbles for you for making me laugh and giving me a good idea.

lawman11083833d ago

Besides Pong and the Atari systems it really started in the 8o's with NES, that is also the generation that made comics ok too btw. How do you think so much money is being spent on these games and the systems? It's not kids buying these games it is the adult gamer who prob games with his son too.

spectyre3833d ago

I am 40 years old and what the hell am I doing on this board?

Leathersoup3833d ago

I'm pretty sure there's no specific age group for whom gaming is not OK for. I'm the youngest kid in my family at 35 yrs. All of my siblings game. We've been having LAN parties since Doom was around and I don't think any of us are ready to quit any time soon.

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xaphanze3833d ago

ill be playing video games for the rest of my life.

BloodySinner3833d ago

Is it okay? Yes, of course. After all, they ARE the ones who create the them.

IntelligentAj3833d ago

Hell Yeah!!! Why not. Some video games can become excellent conversation topics.

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