Amazon reveals possible platforms for Grand Theft Auto V

Amazon has opened the pre-order pages for Grand Theft Auto V, possibly revealing which platforms the upcoming high-anticipated sequel will be appearing on.

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brettyd2373d ago

Would be awesome if we got a Vita version. The PSP GTAs were good.

BattleAxe2373d ago

The WiiU isn't on the list, and frankly nobody cares about the WiiU. I sure hope this isn't going to be another Red Dead Redemption for PC gamers. I enjoyed playing GTA3 and 4 more on my PC than I did on my PS3.

Bull5hifT2372d ago

Hopefully the game comes on 4 disk for the 360 sorta like L.A. Noire so it wont be gimped and have all the good stuff ripped out Again.... . Cant Wait For San Andreas 2. Woooo Hoo!!!!

RumbleFish2372d ago

It would be really sad if they release another GTA on this 6 to 7 years old hardware.
Hopefully it will be released on pc with an overhauled engine.

fluffydelusions2373d ago

If Wii-U is true I guess the game will be releasing mid-late 2012 since Wii-U is supposed to launch next summer.

NYC_Gamer2373d ago

Hmm,add PC to that list of platforms.

pr0digyZA2373d ago

I hope it does, but by past games it will release a couple months after the console versions.

Bleach2373d ago

With Rockstar PC 'gamers' get a console port a few months/years later. If you're lucky. Rockstar know consoles are more important.

sxbrady2372d ago

Why waste time on a failing market?

SephirothX212372d ago

The pc version will be the best because of mods. Most other developers are releasing on pc simultaneously so GTA should be no different.

Kaizin5142372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )


The PC is hardly a failing market. Steam alone garnered well over a billion dollars in revenue this past year, a failing market? I think not. Yea, it suffers from piracy, but so does Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

Solid_Snake-2372d ago

[email protected] disagrees for it coming to PC.

awwwwww poor people......pat on the head for effort though.

multipayer2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

I know I'm not going to waste my time playing a console version at 15fps like with GTAIV, the game was alot more disappointing to me just because it ran so poorly... I'd consider a Wii U version though, if I get one of those and its better than my budget PC. Which is possible, probably still cheaper to upgrade components.

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frostypants2372d ago

I've got no interest in another GTA before the PS4 and 720 come out.

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TheBlackMask2373d ago

Why would they spend extra development time making it for the Wii U....I mean even if it was it's not going to have the best graphics as everyone keeps saying because Rockstar knows it will still sell well on all platforms so whats the point wasting more time making one version better.

They have to make it with the 360 in me a fanboy but it's true...Rockstar will be developing this first on the 360 because it's the console with the most limitations, which means at the end of the day all that true potential it has if it was released for the PS3/Wii U won't happen. Want to know why GTA4 felt smaller in map size compared to SA...because they didn't want to put their open world game on two discs. I really want to see an open world game for the PS3/Wii U that will take advantage of the things it has to offer.

YodaCracker2373d ago

You have no idea what you're talking about. GTA IV's map size has nothing to do with the limitations of any console.

NYC_Gamer2373d ago

GTA4 map was smaller because the game was based on 4 NYC boroughs/little bit of Jersey while SA was based on LA,San Francisco and Vegas....

maniacmayhem2373d ago

@ blackmask

So SA's which was on xbox1 and ps2 map was bigger? And that came on one disk...and GTA 4 was smaller due to the 360's limitations...

seriously consider what you just said as crazy.

The Iron Sheik2372d ago

Do you guys really think Rockstar couldn't make a bigger city using all of a 50 GB Blu Ray?

XDF2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Of course they can make everything bigger but it will take another 2 years to complete and double the cost. That is why you will see expansion like Ballad of Gay Tony released within 1-2 years after the game has been released.

ironfist922372d ago

Have you not played Just Cause 2?

Voxelman2372d ago

Skyrim is 6GB and will likely have a bigger world than GTAIV

world size doesn't directly = size on disc

ProjectVulcan2372d ago

They could do a lazy port to Wii U assuming it has quite a lot more performance than current consoles, and just turn up the resolution and filters.

However i think that if the game ended up on Wii U rockstar would try and do the hardware justice. Personally i doubt it will make it to wii U unless nintendo have specifically chased rockstar down and made a deal for it.

My reasoning being more that Wii u's userbase will still only be very small and limited compared to PS3 and 360. Few would bother with it for Wii U compared to those machines, so it wouldn't be worth the extra cost to develop it for Nintendo's new machine.

Still Rockstar know what they are doing. wait and see.

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DrFUD2373d ago Show
hot1112373d ago

Amazon knows shit.

Wait few days

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