DEFCON 1: GTA 5 Announcement and Analysis

Malek Teffaha of GIGAlb, "Rockstar Games, the fathers of the GTA (Grand Theft Auto), Bully and Red Dead franchises have finally unveiled the latest sequel in what might be one of the biggest entertainment franchises in the world, and no it is not a new Call of Duty, but GTA 5. The last big installment of the series was GTA4 back in 2008."

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KwietStorm2457d ago

Kinda funny that they would use that image. Not even ha ha funny either.

DeforMAKulizer2457d ago

The image of the clown mushroom cloud?

KwietStorm2457d ago

Yea, the Twisted Metal image of the clown mushroom cloud.

DeforMAKulizer2456d ago

It isn't a twisted metal image. It was falsely attributed to the Twisted Metal franchise.

Si_852457d ago

Rockstar aren't the father of the Red Dead franchise either, but rather the adoptive parents.

DeforMAKulizer2456d ago

Capcom began it, but in the end Rockstar San Diego is it's developer and Rockstar were the publishers.

Bleach2457d ago

lol Twisted Metal!! HELL YEAH!!!