First Saints Row: The Third Review Is In

''The latest edition of UK-based Play magazine is now available everywhere, with the December 2011 issue publishing an exclusive review of the absolutely chaotic Saints Row: The Third.''

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rabidpancakeburglar2427d ago

Fantastic, hopefully we get more scores like this.

EVILDEAD3602427d ago

It's a shame this game will be released around so many juggernaughts.


rdgneoz32426d ago

Yah, I was hoping a slight delay by a month or 2 so that I'd have time to play it with so many good games out lately (and coming out).

SilleGamer2427d ago

Yeah great review - looking forward to getting my hands on the Saint's latest outing! :)

nintenflo2427d ago

Personally this is my most wanted game of the year!
2 player co op will be epic!

NuclearDuke2427d ago

I've tried searching for it, but why is the game released in the US before the EU?

Laxman2427d ago

Generally most titles are, as im pretty sure the usual day for US releases is Tuesday, whereas from what ive heard, its Friday in EU (please correct me if im mistaken). Its Thursday down here in Aus.

Mikefizzled2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

We won't have Battlefield in the UK till friday :(

ninjagoat2427d ago

Friday for BF3 in store m8 if your ordering online you more likely recieve the game a day are so early. etc seem to send the games out early. But the stores stick to the street dates esp here in Northern Ireland.

KonGreat2427d ago

that's weird, I've seen a bunch of stores that are selling BF3 here in holland. Some stores even had a sign lol.

XDF2427d ago

From Play Magazine:
”It’s difficult to dislike anyway, and even harder to dislike with such an enjoyable campaign. Great stuff.”

”It’s an inventiveness and ‘anything goes’ attitude that endears the Saints and their murderous adventures to us like never before.”

I need to pick this one up as soon as I finished with the other games. Always love the Saints Row series.

SilleGamer2427d ago



Looks to be another solid Saints Row title!

Love the craziness. :)

shikamaroooo2427d ago

Can't wait for this game!!! And review

SilleGamer2427d ago

Me too!

PLAY seemed to have snagged a fairly early review.

Kudos to them. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.