Robin Williams and his daughter Zelda already play The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

Robin Williams and his daughter, Zelda (the name given by the famous princess of Nintendo games) already play The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.

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Wizziokid2275d ago

Zelda = The main reason to own a wii

AWBrawler2274d ago

too be fair let's just say Nintendo Franchises, instead of just Zelda. Fire Emblem was my System Seller, but zelda is what I was looking forward to.

Titanz2275d ago

I guess the papa surf look is out :(

Pozzle2275d ago

Yeah, he lost a bet in the last Zelda ad, so his daughter made him shave it. lol

bahabeast86192275d ago

wow she actually kinda looks like zelda

AWBrawler2274d ago

Zelda wishes she was that cute

Darth Stewie2275d ago

The lesson hear is if you name your child after a famous videogame character than they may pay them to advertise the game.

Voxelman2275d ago

If you are a famous actor anyway

pucpop2275d ago

Hard to equal Wind Waker.

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