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Return to dance, in great!
Xbox 360 version tested.
After the huge success of Harmonix with the first dance game designed exclusively for the Kinect of Xbox 360 , the software company returns with the sequel more than expected from the millions of fans of the game party: Dance Central 2.
When a product is good, is easy to find versions of photocopies or inspired by the winning format. But Dance Central has a system so well defined and incredibly married for Kinect which is actually the "killer app" of the motion sensor for Xbox 360.
The gameplay has not changed, our alter-ego plays on the screen and surrounded by scenes created specifically to create the right appeal, the player must imitate the steps dictated to gain maximum points and overcome the limit set for the next round, about the series of challenges included in the single-player campaign, or simply to beat your opponent.
To find out what is the new recipe for success of Harmonix, read on to find out.

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