Sony to launch TV push for PS3

Sony is set to launch a major TV push for the PlayStation 3 in a bid to win over shoppers in the crucial Christmas season battle against rivals Nintendo and Xbox.

The marketing push is critical for the PS3, which is going head to head with the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 at Christmas for the first time.

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MaximusPrime_3919d ago

go sony goooooo!

Win this xmas battle!

360sucks3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

online is free
you can browse the internet
for free

here a cool ad by a fan

Real gamer 4 life3919d ago

Yea they are advertising heavy. i see that commercial alot of times during football game and everything.

pwnmaster30003919d ago

ps3 is doing better now onlike a few month ago were the only news u see here is onlyt bad news now its like always good news =)

_Jedge3919d ago

Propoganda is the way to go. I think ad's really make people but stuff. Well the christmas war is going to be interesting. It will melt the snow.

I agree, ps3 ads' are occuring more frequently.

vloeistof3919d ago

show the one with mgs4 alot sony.

Boink3919d ago

it would be bad marketing to advertise something consumers can't buy.

better to go with what they have, especially ratchet and clank and this year the push is to attract the casual gamer.

vloeistof3919d ago

why not they started making ad for halo3 a year or so in advance

Boink3919d ago

and I think it was too early for that too.

HarryEtTubMan3919d ago

No your just a noob that doesn't matter or understand buisness. Long(seriously its gonna be really long) live the PS3!

Boink3919d ago

I though i'd give you a chance and view you comment to see if it was something interesting. but clearly the reason you have 1 bubble is justified, and thank you n4g for the ignore 1 bubble people option.

never again will I doubt it's usefulness.

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The story is too old to be commented.