Nintendo forecasts first ever loss in 30 years

Nintendo now indicated that it may well post its first ever yearly net loss in 30 years of trading. A statement revealed that that the loss could be as high as $264m or 20 billion yen. The concerning news comes as it reported a quarterly loss of $258m for the quarter ending in September.

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Titanz2368d ago

It all depends on how the handle the aftermath of the effect.

darthv722367d ago

30 years of profits are impressive in this entertainment field. That is now the benchmark for other game companies to meet or beat.

bahabeast86192368d ago

yeah well nintendo has some work 2 do i think it was because of the 3ds fiasco from $250.00 - $169.00 in a couple of months aint good for no company. and the wii u still has peoples heads spining

Cloudberry2368d ago

Now I could buy them cheaper and hopefully built in second circle pad with new more localized games later.

VampiricDragon2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

They didnt have a loss. Thats mis translated. They just had a decrease in profit

Things are looking great for the holidays were nintento has crushed the competition for half a decade

The 3ds is doing better than the ds did, with higher fiscal estimates

iamnsuperman2368d ago

"They didnt have a loss. Thats mis translated. They just had a decrease in profit". No it is a total loss. Obvious putting out a new console that started poorly (developments costs out way the the money coming in) and the Wii sales are not helping.

Droid Control2368d ago

Nintendo is going down.
Unsurprising really - the gimmick bubble has well and truely popped. The casuals have moved onto something else ande the hardcore are gaming on HD consoles.

2EHO2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

Seriously stop it! I'm sure your young and immature but cut the fanboy stuff. Innovation and gimmicks are totally different. Was it a gimmick when nintendo introduced shoulder buttons, rumble feature, dual analog? Now its a part of everyday gaming. Grow up and do your history. Nintendo are the innovators that keep gaming alive.

SleazyChimp2367d ago

Nintendo has always went its own way, which was generally a odd direction, but managed to keep its fans happy. I think that success has made nintendo a little stubborn headed. I mean come on, to release a new hand held without a second analog in this era of gaming is proof of this. Now to say that the big N is not in trouble is just naive. They know this, thats why they back pedaled on the 3ds price and the second stick. Then it comes out that Nintendo is posting its first loss in 30yrs, which only offers more proof of Nintendos vulnerability. Lets not forget that it was Nintendos misstep with the N64 that gave birth to the PlayStation(who really introduced the dual analog) and marked the end of its console dominance. I grew up through the Atari/Nintendo/Sega era. If somebody would have told me, in 1998 when I was playing Code Veronica on my new Dreamcast, that in 2 short years Sega would be out of the console market, I would not have believed it. If the Wii u doesn't sell like hotcakes then we may very well see Mario on another console.

Sugreev20012368d ago

Nintendo desperately needs the Wii U to be a success,which I don't foresee until and unless they start spilling out the details.Why wait until the next E3 anyway ? I was expecting some news about it during the Tokyo Game Show or Gamescom,but they let that opportunity pass by.

2EHO2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

Can't lie I'm dying to hear some new news on Wii U. I think nintendo is in position to conquer the market with the Wii U but they can't let the opportunity slide this time around like they did with the Wii. Yes the Wii was a success but if done correctly(HD graphics)they would have buried the competition this gen and the numbers would have been way worse for sony and microsoft and better for nintendo.

bahabeast86192368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

@ 2EHO completely agree with you on that i think if the wii u is atleast a little more powerful than 360/ps3 and has some strong 3rd party support nintendo can get all the gamers back in nintendo camp. everyone @ some point in time was a nintendo fan had no other choice, cnt forget online play also nintendo has to do some good multiplayer and dnt make everything look soo childish.

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