Silent Hill could "expand into different genres" - Konami

The Silent Hill franchise could spin off into different genres, reveal Konami – just as Capcom’s Resident Evil has done with recent and upcoming installments, such as Operation Raccoon City.

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2217d ago
Acquiescence2217d ago

That's the last thing the fanbase wants to hear right now.

jc485732217d ago

isn't it already doing so? 4 and even Homecoming never felt canon to me.

NukaCola2217d ago

Please no FPS or Railshooter. You can get a little Alan Wake/Uncharted/Tomb Raider with it, but please please don't lose the heart of what SH is, look at makes you want to vomit.

Ult iMate2216d ago

Silent Hill FPS - that will be a real horrible thing. Will you survive that horror?

I wish they make a Silent Hill game in adventure genre. Just like Scratches or Amnesia.

Dark_Overlord2217d ago

Silent Hill Karting confirmed!!! /s

In all seriousness, bring team silent back, let them create the games, the newer ones are severely lacking compared to the greatness of the first few

Ult iMate2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Shattered Memories was great.
And I liked Origins too for its' horror atmosphere (alas the lack of good plot ruined the game).
I also suggest a Silent Hill rythm game. /s

TheColbertinator2217d ago

Nooo Konami,just stop screwing up the franchise.Return SH to a Japanese developer.

Horny2217d ago

Silent hill fps I'm assuming. :(

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