The Faces of Halo: 10 Best Actors in the Halo Series

Video games have come a long way from the days of the side scroller and computer-generated voices. Gaming companies like Halo 3 creator Bungie Software have been nabbing top voice talent for years, and you may not have noticed, but Halo has a particularly long roster of all-stars. After the jump, take a peek under the game's hood and check out the 10 of the best actors to appear in the Halo series. So while you work off some of that turkey this Thanksgiving in a virtual frag-fest, you can imagine you're trading spiker shots with the likes of Starbuck and General Zod.

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jack who3959d ago

Michelle Rodriguez grrrr hot

BloodySinner3959d ago

As for the Master Chief... I think it should be a WWE superstar. Kane, anyone? He's got the height...

ParaDise_LosT3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Don't you think that Batista guy would make
PERFECT Marcus Fenix?
He has the lil beard thing
the Huge horsesteroid powered muscles
and forhead veins that look like its about to pop out and strangle you......

Xi3959d ago

i love voice actors, but they forgot the guy that does bender does voices too.

jackdoe3959d ago

Ron Perlman is a good actor, but his Lord Hood sounded phoned in.

Charlie26883959d ago

Ron did a FANTASTIC job in the original Fallouts

IF Bethesda wants to stay good in my book they better bring him back for Fallout 3 :)

"War, War never changes" CLASSIC

The BS Police3959d ago

But Michael Wincott did a much better job as the Prophet Of Truth in Halo 2 than Terrence Stamp did in Halo 3.

jackdoe3959d ago

I agree. Terrence Stamp is the better actor, but I felt that the original voice was the better fit.

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