Jak And Daxter HD Remake - It's About Time!

GP blogger, ShrimpyXD writes, "Recently Naughty Dog's game director Justin Richmond announced at an Uncharted 3 press conference that there will be an HD remake of the Jak and Daxter Precursor trilogy coming to the Playsation 3 sometime in 2012. I, being a complete fanatic about the Jak series, couldn't hold back gratuitous jumps for joy straight off my chair.

The PS3 has seen numerous HD remakes such as Sly Cooper and the Ico & Shadow of the Colossus collection, both of which received critical praise despite their age. It was a no-brainer to remake the Jak series because for those who enjoyed the games get another chance to relive the adventure, and for those who never experienced the Jak games get a chance to play one of the greatest PS2 game series of all time."

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superfranky2457d ago

dont care, i can play it on ps2 emulator absolutely free and the quality of picture will be better

ZombieAssassin2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I don't think the quality of picture will necessarily look better on an emulator, depends on how much they update the textures as I don't think emulators can really do that.

Gonna pick this up though as the only Jack and Daxter games I've played were the PSP ones. Any word yet on the studio that's remastering them?

superfranky2457d ago

emulator can do anything, from better lightning to hi-res textures

hd collections on ps3 always just upscaling to 720 or 1080 and they charge almost full price for this crap

DigitalRaptor2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

@ superfranky

Most of the HD collections are more than just upscaling. Trophies/achievements, leaderboards in certain games, reworked textures, aspect ratio adjustment, certain other technical features like increased depth of field and frame rate... AND upscaling to 720 or 1080p. Possibly more in some cases. And there's worth in having 2-3 games on a single disc that certain gamers like myself appreciate.

You're talking about downloading these games for free btw. Many people originally played these games on consoles and want to keep it that way.

thekiddfran2457d ago

You are not a real gamer.

superfranky2457d ago

im just not stupid to buy something that i can get better and for free, sorry

thekiddfran2457d ago

The dev's deserve our money. They are normal hard working people like us you know. You are not going to get far in life with that attitude I am afraid!

beavis4play2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

superfranky - stealing doesn't make you smart - it makes you a criminal.

you're a complete loser.

at shadowaste (below) you can rationalize any actions in life - but what you're doing is illegal. even if you bought the game - that doesn't give you the option to distribute copies of it.

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Michael-Jackson2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Remaster. There's still no 100% official announcement so I still treat it as a rumor until Sony says so.

Shadowaste2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

emulation is not piracy, if you own the original, you make your own iso of it, if you have never bought the game and you downloaded it from some site, then yes, that IS piracy.

These hd remakes are kool for people who are not tech savy enough, or do not care to learn about emulation.

Personally though, emulation rocks hardcore.

Check out kingdom hearts II on PCSX;

looks awesome and runs great on a low end machine!

Heartnet2457d ago

you dont got to be tech savvy to download a free emulator off the internet along with as bunch of Iso's -_- and btw it probz is still illegal as ur making copies of that game by of which is a violation of the copyright agreement :P

Also Emulators are buggy and shit to begin with lol

CloseSecond2457d ago

my kids never got to enjoy the original J&D...they are in for a treat!

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