Discussion of Just Cause 3 Development and New Engine Possibility

Update: After the leak confirming Just Cause 3's development, some players are starting to wonder what are the features going to be included on the game and if there's a chance its engine will be upgraded to 3.0.

Check out the possibilities on the report.

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outwar60102311d ago

wow these devs are awesome new epic engine for each game while other bigger dev teams with more resources are content with the same engine for many years and charge extortionate amount for map pack i am of course talking to the nice(/s) people at infinity ward and the call of duty series

ironfist922311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

I find that Ubisoft tend to use their resources quite usefully considering they recreate worlds same as Avalanche Studios, albeit to a smaller but more detailed degree for the Assassin's series.

But damn, I dunno how anyone could top JC2.

Saints Row 3, Just Cause 3, GTA 5, who knew wuch massive and crazy sandbox games could be so awesome and creative, yet in different ways!

outwar60102311d ago

all those games you mentioned are some of my favourites and i cannot wait for them to release!!!!!!!!

pr0digyZA2311d ago

Lol I like how they say the game has an "average score of 85" I don't know about them but I considered that a great score.

Also it's highly unlikely that it will be a new engine, it's probably going to be an updated engine.There will probably only be a new engine for the next generation consoles.

nolifeking2311d ago

It's called average because the score was the average of all it's scores. Not that hard to understand.

pr0digyZA2311d ago

Aah I get it now, read it in the wrong context.

LoLZoRz2311d ago

I played JC2 for 80 hours, best sandbox game ever!

can't wait to see hows JC3 gonna be.

linaavec2311d ago

Yes! Sadly, it appears JC3 next year is still a rumor.

bahabeast86192311d ago

this entire series keeps slipping off my radar i been wanting to try it out but soo many other games have me occupied

yess2311d ago

Just Cause: Great potential.

Just Cause 2: absolutly awesome.

just cause 3: Head explode.

I can't wait if this is true, and i hope the devs listened to what we said in the forums, which i know they did.

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