BlizzCon 2011 – Interview With Robert Krakoff, Founder of Razer

Here’s the first video of GoGoGamer's coverage from BlizzCon 2011 with your host, Erina!

Erina interviews Razer’s founder and overall badass, Robert Krakoff. We talk about Synapse 2.0, the revolutionary way to keep all of your gaming profiles on the “cloud”, and the newest laptop, the Razerblade, which comes complete with programmable LCD buttons and room for infinite macros.

Stay tuned for more BlizzCon 2011 coverage from GoGoGamer, including:

-Overall Recap of BlizzCon 2011
-Coverage of GSL Finals and Invitational
-Interview with JINX Gamer Clothing
-Interview with Blizzard Lead Concept Artist
-Foo Fighters Concert

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