Replacement 360 return of the red ring of death in 60 minutes or less

From "Yes, I do more than work with BlackBerry devices day in and day out, so consider this a rant about one of those personal pleasures that has been with me since I was a toddler - console gaming. It started with an Atari 2600 then I became the first kid on my bus route with a Nintendo. Skip forward into this last generation of consoles with the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii (not a single issue with the latter two, might I add)."

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Vip3r3960d ago

You fail horrifically at spelling. It's kthxbai btw.

cr33ping_death3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

hhhhmmm yes "yawn" because its a bad 360 article....however if it was a bad PS3 article youd be all over it like a fly on SH!T wouldnt you. funny little troll arent you.

edit: oh and happy thanksgiving to you all. time to get my grub on.

Vip3r3960d ago

You obviously failed at school.

jack who3960d ago

yawn cuzz rrod is played out no one cares anymore...

Danja3960d ago

your so right nobody cares any more just check sales figures outside of NA..and you'll see..

athlon7703959d ago

You say "yawn cuzz rrod is played out no one cares anymore...", I say, I do. I just purchased an Elite not more than a month ago and it just RR'd on me. Funny thing is, I just sold my 360 I purchased back in Nov '06 to my son and it is still going strong. I wanted the Elite for the 120gb drive and the HDMI out (and being black to match the rest of my equipment didn't hurt) so ya, I care that the RROD issue has yet to be fixed! And for those of you that say the Falcon board fixes this, you are dead wrong. This Elite is supposed to have the Falcon board, and the Halo edition definatly has the new Falcon, and even those are getting the RROD.

My friend of many years just purchased the Arcade version over the "Live is 5" weekend because his repaired 360 (original launch 360 had a RROD) went belly up with a RROD. So instead of waiting, he purchased a new 360 and is still waiting to get his other 360 back from repair.

The console has issues. MS is putting a cheap bandaid on it hoping it will keep it working till the warrantee runs out. Going up on forums, you see people are into their teens with repaired 360's. And you guys defend this thing like it is a sibling. Hardware wise, the 360 is a POS...great gaming console, but still a POS!

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green3960d ago

got mine December 16th 05.still going strong.guess i was lucky.

ThaGeNeCySt3960d ago

famous last words

I went almost 2 years after purchasing a launch console... RROD.. got it back... not even 2 weeks later & the DVD drive won't spin lol

InMyOpinion3959d ago

Mine RROD'd some months ago, after having worked flawlessly since I bought it more than a year ago. I got it back in two weeks with a new drive and motherboard. I also got 1 month free live and a test certificate that said that Microsoft had run durability tests on it in order to make sure it doesn't RROD again. It's worked perfectly since and I think the service was outstanding. Also it's nice to have 3 years warranty so you don't have to walk around worried it might fck up again.

Still, a console shouldn't have faults like that. Only had one other console like this and that was the PS1. Had to turn it upside down and when that didn't work I hade to calibrae the laser inside the drive myself everytime I wanted to play a game. Lovely memories though. I remember the great games I played more than the troubles I had with the console, which is fortunate.

Counter_ACT3960d ago

Rofl. How humiliating for them.

gamesblow3960d ago

I've seen my roommate go thru 4 xbox 360's since it came out. Count them 4... there isn't a problem with xbox 360s and the RROD... There's an epidemic with them.

MANTIIS3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Hell, I've been through three myself(sold the third one, unopened, to get some money back from being ripped off). I agree with what you said, though, I doubt many people will understand the serious truth and absoluteness of the fact that this is an "epidemic." And while it may seem like "non-news<this article>, " I am glad that people (consumers) are not willing to let the audacious MS forget the the defective nature of their console. Every instance, every story, needs to be shared until people get the point...that the console (not its games) is a piece of crap.

thexmanone3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Why doese everytime someone`s xbox dies its big news. My son is on his second PS3. Its like a vacuum cleaner every time he plays it. It sucks in the dust then they break. So someone tell me were i can post about that.

Danja3960d ago

umm for some reason I feel like ur making that up...if so you know you can always call Sony's customer service..ever thought about that or even better just call FOX NEWS..!!

an how about don't keeping ur PS3 on the floor..or cleaning ur house on in awhile...!!!

secur1ty9113960d ago

Microsoft will never revamp the 360 NEVER EVER! ITs always going to break down- OH but wait a minute "Well at least I have a three year warranty" You know what thats great cuz I would prefer sending in my unit frequently and making friends with the 1-800 customer service and keep unhooking the console and sending it away and waiting and waiting until you receive a refurb and then in about a month your doing it all over again and again and again and again- you turds that put up with this non sense are f** crazy.

BUY A SONY PLAYSTION 3 why don't ya and hook it up and thats it. NO SENDING it AWAY or nothing.

Oh and about the dust situation WELL all I have to say is that if your PS3 dies cuz of dust then you must be a pig and live like one too.

Qayin3960d ago

Do you know how much dust it would actualy take to kill a PS3, any system. You do know once so much dust builds up it becomes dirt. Thats nasty!

Enigma_20993960d ago

try cleaning the kid's room... if there's enough dust in there to kill a console, you need to clean it. I don't care what console you're running...

thexmanone3960d ago

I make a comment and i get flamed, go figure. Just for the record, i have my xbox360 right next to the PS3 on a Table, not on the floor.
I have never had a problem with the 360 and i`ve had it since launch.
In my eyes the PS3 is not as reliable as the xbox. You guys may have better luck with the PS3 but NOT ME.
And for the A## hole who said i was a pig. [email protected]&K YOU

Danja3960d ago

Do you by any chance happen to be that Queer looking douche who came on Fox News about dust killing his PS3...cuz i've never heard any one other than him complain about the matter...

are you that nasty that you sit and watch dust gather on ur son's PS3....?..You must be a fvcking HOG and live like!!

AngryTypingGuy3960d ago

The only people that are liars are people saying they're going through 6 Xbox 360's, unless their choice location for their 360's are on top of a toaster oven.

What is so far-fetched about having to take back one PS3? He didn't say he was on his 6th, 5th, or even 3rd. The PS3 is a well built product, but every electronic device will have a faulty unit here and there. To call him a liar shows how much of a Fony fangirl you are.

SlippyMadFrog3960d ago

You PS3 fanboys are becoming violent. I think you guys should chill out. Anyway, what does it have to do with you foaming at the mouth PS3 fanboys if his PS3 failed?

aba3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

I smell [email protected] afoot, and its coming from the sony fanatics. So hes on his second ps3, who f**kin cares? Why are you losers getting all pissed off?

MANTIIS3960d ago

Be more elaborate, you obvious liar.

Lord Cheese3960d ago

what a surprise, a load of ridiculous ps3 fanboys appear and start claiming someone whoes ps3 broke is a liar.

ELECTRONICS CAN BREAK! No company makes 100% reliable products. Granted, the 360 seems a lot less reliable than most, but to accuse someone of lying because their ps3 happened to fail is downright unfair.

AngryTypingGuy3960d ago

This board has become overrun with Sony homos. You say one bad thing about Sony and you get a million disagrees and negative reviews. Maybe it's the result of the PS3 taking such a beating by the media in the first few months, who knows. I do know that you people need to lighten up.

I know many think that Microsoft is an evil empire organization who has no business interfering with Sony's video game ambitions. MS has just as much a right to try to succeed in the industry as Sony. I hope MS wins eventually because they are better, and they are the American company.

I know that MS doesn't care about us personally, but newsflash, neither does Sony. All both companies want is our money. That's all they care about. For that reason, if I ever thought that Sony put out the better product, I would become a Sony fan. But there are a ton of you that think Sony can do no wrong, and MS only does wrong. They're both big corporations wanting us to spend money on their product. They're one and the same! WAKE UP!

tk3960d ago

I am on my first PS3, and second PS2. OK, yeah, my first PS2 had some laser issues - after four years.

The PS3 in my home gets played a *lot*, and when it is not playing games, it is DVD's, and music. Not a hint of overheating or noise. The people at the games shops over here confirms as well - PS3 second hand games is good sales, because the disks are in perfect condition - and I mean - perfect condition. Got a couple already - Sonic and another game - can't remember which one - but compared to the new ones - exact same condition.

The XB360 games are scratched. PS2 ones also. The PS3 is in a class of its own when it comes to quality. Trying to claim that you are on the way to your third one... please show the confirmed return slips. For XB360's the shops will confirm.

Witty Comment3959d ago

My boss had his PS3 crap out on him 2 months after he bought it. Power supply went. He had it back in 2 weeks at most.

My 360 is still going strong after all of 4 months.

But, seriously, it's not impossible for the PS3 to fail. It happens. Quit frothing at the mouths about how perfect the system is.

Do I expect my 360 to die? Yes. I do. I knew that when I bought it. But, when I bought it, I also knew which games I wanted to play at the time. I'll probably buy a PS3 in 2-3 months.

athlon7703959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

It is not that we don't believe that a PS3 can ever break. It is afterall just another electronic device, it is his original comment "Its like a vacuum cleaner every time he plays it. It sucks in the dust then they break" that has everyone saying he is nothing but a 360 troll.
Those of us that truly own a PS3 know that it is nothing close to a vacuum and his post is all the more ridiculous when his second posting says "the 360 is right next to the PS3" and I guess doesn't suck in the dust. Yeah, right there we are calling fowl.

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