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The bar was set so high that “Uncharted 3″ isn’t quite able to surpass “Uncharted 2,” despite a masterful blend of thrilling gameplay, cinematic storytelling and luscious graphics. I wonder if it’s possible for Naughty Dog to ever top “Uncharted 2.” I’m not sure. I just know I cannot wait to play “Uncharted 4″ to find out.

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MAJ0R2401d ago

I think a 3/3 would be better

bahabeast86192401d ago

its a great game but just that uncharted 2 was like WOOOOOWWWWWWW uncharted 3 we all know it will be sweet will be epic will be smoothe and like a movie :)

Triella2401d ago

I'll go buy it right now !!! (just got an e-mail from my store telling me they've received it WOOT!)

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