GTA V - Setting Conjecture and Discussion

MMGN writes: The rumours have been swirling for months, and the inevitable GTA V reveal came and went. Now comes the wait: the wait for the trailer, the wait for info and the wait for, obviously, the game itself.

Six days is a long time in internet land. In real-life time, it equates to approximately 27 days, 13 hours and 56 seconds. That's how long information in the real-world takes to become irrelevant. On the internet? Probably 24 hours*. *may or may not be true.

Will we still even remember GTA V next Wednesday? Maybe not, so it's only responsible to discuss in depth what exactly this game is going to be about, just in case no one cares when the trailer hits next week.

Now that I've justified the GTA V information overload you'll be receiving over the next week (I know you all love it!), here are some of my own thoughts on what we know so far (which is essentially zilch, but still enough to warrant a discussion).

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banjadude2368d ago

I hope they do something like Mafia 2, in terms of car storage. I want to be able to grab and store as many vehicles as possible!!