Are Sony trying to start another OtherOS war with PS Vita game saves?

Product-Reviews writes: Does the fact that Sony are not letting you transfer game saves between Vita game card and external memory card bother you? Restricting simple functionality like this could prove to be a big mistake on Sony’s part, just look what happened when Sony tried to remove the OtherOS feature from the PS3 – we all know how that turned out.

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Sillyace922456d ago

Maybe you should ask Nintendo

tr00p3r2456d ago

I stopped caring about Nintendo after the SNES and N64.

NewMonday2456d ago

I'm sure their is an option for storing in the cloud, that's how cross play with the PS3 works

MaxXAttaxX2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

What does it have to do with the PS Vita?
How can Sony remove a feature that was never there in the first place?

I'm sorry, but didn't we all use Memory Sticks to save games and other content with the PSP? And we've known that the PSVita wouldn't have an internal memory since the day it was announced.
But it's somehow a huge discovery and issue now?

You're gonna buy a device with video, music, DLC and App functions and not take advantage of it by not getting a ($20) memory card?

Dante1122456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

How can Sony remove a feature from the PS Vita, when the feature isn't there? I don't blame them for using a system like this with all the bs they had to go through with pirates...I mean hackers.

princejb1342456d ago

interesting article i didn't know this
my guess is there trying to lock down game saves to each handheld just like some ps3 games to prohibit cheaters

smashcrashbash2456d ago

BS. The hackers just used that excuse to hack the PS3. There was no war, just in their heads.

tr00p3r2456d ago

Wasn't really an excuse was If Sony didn't remove that feature, Sony wouldn't have been targeted... fact.

smashcrashbash2456d ago

Doubtful. They would have just found another reason to do it. I don't exactly remember the hackers exactly being reasonable people. I remember them lying, stealing and pretending that the hacks weren't just an open door to piracy and cheating.

You act as if they wouldn't have found some other excuse to do it. Don't talk about it as if it was all black and white and if Sony gave in the hackers would have just left them alone or if they didn't remove the other OS the hackers would never targeted them.

ZombieAssassin2456d ago

Uhh people were trying to hack the Ps3 long before the otherOS things...infact I believe that is one of the main reasons Sony took it away was because their were rumors that it was possible to hack it through the OtherOS.

PirateThom2456d ago

The PS3 was being hacked via OtherOS, so Sony limited the GPU access and memory available, people continued to hack and that's when they cut the access.

It never ceased to amaze me that no one noticed their applications running slower or not at all in OtherOS even though everyone, apparently, used it.

Baka-akaB2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )


Bullsh*t , it was always a target . In fact try remembering why it was removed in the first place .

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-Mika-2456d ago

I honestly don't see what wrong with this.

If you have the game card. You wouldn't have to transfer your data to your external memory card and if you downloaded from psn store. You don't need the game card.

GribbleGrunger2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

one day, just one day, Sony will announce something without the media picking it apart with sharp tweezers. that day may come when Sony start giving consoles and games to journalists...

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