SingStar: Videogamer Review - 'This is so far from COD 4..'

Videogamer writes:

"If you haven't guessed or heard by now, SingStar has its own shopping service, known simply as SingStore. While it's conceivable that Sony has shot itself in the foot with regard to selling any future iterations of the game, the sensible money would be on SingStore becoming a runaway success.

Almost anyone will be able to get into this post-pub essential. This is so far from Call of Duty 4 and Assassin's Creed it's like reviewing another medium, but it's still on the PlayStation 3, so get round your mates, put a limit on your credit card, turn up the volume and get ready to party like RTSs and FPSs never existed. Apparently you can play games on the PlayStation 3, but it certainly looks like a top of the range karaoke machine from where I'm standing, on centre stage in my living room stadium."

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MikeMichaels3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

This is gonna be pretty big for them amongst the casual crowd.

Say what you will about the games on the PS3 but there is already some impressive variety in the PS3's library.

They've got online/offline shooters, sports games a few RPG's...some impressive 3rd person actions/adventure games, platformers, puzzlers eyetoy stuff and now this.

kspraydad3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

are gonna love this game.


No. My Kids.

And to ever disagreed with me your an ass. I didn't say your kids had to like it.

WIIIS13837d ago

Is there a game element to this or is it pure karaoke?

kspraydad3837d ago

Lyrics are shown at the bottom of the screen. The game matches a player's song voice to the original track, with players scoring points according to how accurate their singing is. Different modes of SingStar may vary this basic pattern, but the principle is similar throughout.

My SingStar Online is the online component of SingStar. The idea for My SingStar Online was inspired by people uploading photos and videos of SingStar parties to websites such as Flickr and YouTube.[4] The game will record photos and videos of players singing with the PlayStation Eye, which can then saved to the PlayStation's HDD or uploaded to the My SingStar Online network. People will be able to rate each others performances and leave comments on their profiles.

Source: wiki

name3837d ago

I'm sure that's what it is lol Except it has online right? I'm not buying it though cause its fruity =D Guitar hero ftw

lilwingman3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

I'm sorry, but Guitar Hero is just as fruity lol. I don't buy into any of these rhythm based games, but at least Singstar is based on your actual talent as a singer.

DrWan3837d ago

this will be a runaway success in all continents.

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