Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Double XP Promotion Details

Modern Warfare 3 is coming out next week and they are already going to allow you to get double XP! This time its not going to be a "Double XP Weekend", you are going to have to go out a purchase some Mountain Dew! Here are some more details on what you have to do to get some double XP.

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Zancruz2487d ago

I already have 7+ hours of XP time. Seeing that I drink Mt Dew daily, double XP is just a bonus for me.... Lol

ginsunuva2486d ago

Mountain Dew DAILY?

Do you know what that stuff does to you?

Lol so many kids will get fat from this promotion

Zancruz2486d ago

Yes, Daily... I rather slam a Dew than drink hot coffee for my caffeine needs.

Do you know that the air you breathe is toxic or the food you eat is full of chemicals, steroids and hormones? That eating cooked food is toxic to your body? The fresh produce and livestock is being genetically altered? Even the water you drink is full of toxins?

Well most americans are out of shape anyway... So they'll fit right in. Lol

iMpuTeD2486d ago

eh this is wack and they aren't even doing the promotion where i live lol