New Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Screenshots

Here are the newest Screenshots for MW3, which coincidentally have been posted on the release date of their feared competitor Battlefield 3. I've played Battlefield 3 quite a bit, and I must say MW3 doesn't stand much of a chance at this point for winning "Game of the Year."

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DarkTower8052489d ago

Screenshots are not a very fair representation of the game at 595px × 360px. It would be better to get some HD screenshots no?

PG_Rage2489d ago

kinda hard when they don't like to put out any news for the game :(

ArmGunar2488d ago

Don't expect a beautiful game ...

Call of Duty is Call of Duty, no improvements, same graphics since 2007, more DLC


more and more people buy it ...

NuclearDuke2488d ago

It's so cute and naive how BF3 fanboys continue down this route.

Modern Warfare 2 graphcis was far better than Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 3 will also be an improvement.

No matter how hard you try, Battlefield will never be a better game nor sell more than Call of Duty. Aren't you just incredibly sad that this is truth?

ArmGunar2488d ago


For me BF3 and MW3, it's the same thing, FPS that we have see for years, no improvement, campaign mode is bad, and the multi of BF3 is bad on consoles ...

But when we have a critic against Call of Duty, we are a fanboy ... but you can open your eyes or you can't, bobby kotick knows that there is always people who will buy Call of Duty ...

emartini2488d ago

Exactly . The COD fanboys are sooo brainwashed they have no idea since Modern Warfare all they have been getting are expansion packs. Its the year 2011 going into 2012 and the game still Renders at 600P REsolution. Recycled artificial sound effects made by i think someones CASIO KEYBOARD same graphics same everything.

PG_Rage2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

@darktower those are old my friend. hence the title name NEW screen shots.

DarkTower8052489d ago

Well, they're not new. A Google Images search and I found 5 of those from earlier this month and before.

ondsnap2488d ago

Amazing how this troll of an author says mw3 will suck compared to BF3 when the ass monkey hasn't even played mw3. Hey dude, get our from under Dice and EA's desk, wipe your mouth, and put down your pen forever troll!!!

emartini2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Is that Modern Warfare 3 or is it Modern Warfare 2?? Cant tell the difference. It still looks like its rendered at 600p REsolution. Ohh wait !!!!! It is.

ambientFLIER2487d ago

MW3. MW2 came out two years ago.

ondsnap2485d ago

Another troll who is bitchingabout the graphics,etc. We all know your sorry ass will be playing mw.3 at midnight with the rest of us.

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