Yakuza 5 will Be set in Kamurocho and… You Chose Where

While Rockstar is keeping fans of the Grand Theft Auto series in the dark about the location of Grand Theft Auto V, Sega is taking a different approach with Yakuza 5.

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Canary2334d ago

Fukuoka would be nice.

TreMillz2334d ago

is N4G an option? God I would love to beat the crap out the fanboys XD

Cloudberry2333d ago

I want to see snow / winter again just like in Yakuza 2.

Canary2333d ago

Honestly, I think it'd be cooler NOT to have the other city be in Japan/Okinawa at all. Is Okinawa a part of Japan (officially) now?

It would be cool to move the game (and the narrative) at least partially outside of Japan. To, like, Burma or Singapore, or even China or Hawaii. I worry Yakuza 5 will just be more of the same (and ya' gotta admit, narrative-wise the series peaked at 2).

showtimefolks2334d ago

in my collection besides the 4th which i did buy but than traded and will buy back when its under 20.

i can not wait till next march to play yakuza dead souls, the latest ign preview said the gun play felt stiff i hope that sega works on it since the game is still more than 5 months from release

other than that a lot of gamers outside of japan don't realize how great of series yakuza is. Must buy if you like gta style games where the story matters and hand to hand combat with rpg style upgrade system in some areas

yakuza 3 has the option to relive the story from yakuza 1-2
yakuza 4 i believe is the best yakuza game

Kira832334d ago

but they did osaka in Y2. id like to see someplace new.

haymoza2334d ago

Why do gaming journalist continue to compare this game to GTA? Two completely different genres ... Gotta love how ignorant us westerners can be.

haymoza2334d ago

On another note. Can't wait for this and Yakuza of the End.

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