Blizzard DOTA Screenshots

This year at Blizzcon we heard the word of a new MOBA game Blizzard has been working on, so far it looks really awesome. Check inside for a closer look!

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Darkfiber2485d ago

"Let me ask everyone this...WHEN HAS BLIZZARD EVER LET YOU DOWN?" Um...basically every game they've made in the last decade since all of their talent has moved on to other developers or made their own studios? Also, yeah, it's DOTA. We've been playing it for years. A little late to the party, huh? And it probably wont be out for another 3 years anyway. Meh. They better be bringing something new to the table and not just the exact same old map that can be found in 10 other games out there right now or else there is no point in playing this.

adorie2485d ago

so NOW Blizzard has an interest in DOTA after Valve trademarked it? I'm confused by this because I don't know if this is an I.P or what.

Saladfax2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )


The quality they provide has still been pretty consistently good, but when it comes to service?

They don't hold a candle to Valve and Steam. The stuff they put out remains high quality, but it's consistently more expensive, and it becomes clear that their balance has shifted somewhat away from customer satisfaction and toward profit.

The biggest example of this is the cost of purchasing their older titles. Diablo II and Lord of Destruction are $20 each. They're good, but that's a heckuva cost for such old games. Half of it, as it seems to me, is to resell it to folks who've already played and may have lost their CD-keys over the years. I bought the battle chest retail 8 years ago for 20 bucks, and they want to charge double now?

Admittedly, I still have my CD-keys (as well as a couple of other people's written down over the years), but I'm missing an LoD key to use for my wife. 20 bucks just doesn't seem quite worth it, but I might end up paying anyway. Or not; there's always other options.

NuclearDuke2485d ago

Diablo II & Lord of Destruction are still the best Hack'n'Slash games you find on the market currently. They are one hundred percent right in putting them at $20, cuz they are hella lot more worth than 90% of the Steam titles currently available.

Saladfax2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

There are plenty of other RPGs in similar and slightly different styles, but I'll agree nothing has drawn near to Diablo II.

It doesn't really matter though. No Metroidvania game is better than Symphony of the Night or Cave Story, but those games are 10 bucks and free, respectively.

Sorry, but 40 bucks for a game that's pretty much 10 years old is poorly priced. 40 bucks for a digital copy of a game which was half as expensive at retail 6 years ago is kind of shitty.

Like I said, it seems Blizzard is favoring profit over service, but they currently are able to get away with it considering their stellar history.

There's no problem with a company wanting to make money, or even coming up with plans to maximize income. However, when a decision comes up where they can take a hit and please the customer or look bad and make a little extra profit...

Well, I guess I haven't seen Blizzard favoring the consumer much as of late.

Edit: Yep. Just checked. Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm are the same price they were when they launched. So is Starcraft II.

Vladplaya2485d ago

Huh, I swear it looks like a mod for StarCraft 2