Infinity Ward Asked About COD4 Sub-HD Resolution

Via Ripten:

"We here at Ripten are bemused by the talk of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare not being an HD resolution (that is 720p or more), because to our eyes the game is one of the best looking around, and is also an incredibly smooth experience. In a private conversation, we talked with an individual from Infinity Ward who will remain nameless."

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SWORDF1SH3960d ago

exactly. if the game looks stunnin then why are people questionin its resolution. this is stupid. COD4 raises the bar sky high on console graphics so HD or not, who gives a flyin fcuk???

Azures3960d ago

Because people like to take a crap on other people's accomplishments. Thats what Beyond3D is specializing in these days.

sovietsoldier3960d ago

i agree with iw and so do the "millions" of people online right now playing. gameplay is what counts,not graphics!

CrazzyMan3960d ago

so then why to move to 720p?
why not just making 480p amazing games? crysis graphics anyone? =)

That is called a PROGRESS.
it`s good, if you can`t tell difference between 600p upscaled to 720p and between native 720p, however, people are saying, that PGR3 and PGR4 looks different(600p vs 720p).

straightpiff4203960d ago

I definitely agree with you- Honestly, who cares if its 600p or 720p or whatever as long as it looks good and does. The visuals in COD4 are amazing, nothing to complain about. Lately everyone has been complaining about every little thing a game has to offer- Just play the freakin' game and enjoy it!

NRG3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

While I ultimately agree with you, some people have the right to care.

Some of us are fidelity freaks with giant TVs and projectors, and do have the eye to notice. With those factors, you truly can notice some games are a lot sharper than others, and seem to often logically lack in other parts of graphics.

Call of Duty 4 gets away with it because it obviously does look fantastic regardless, and more fluent frame rates is more important to the majority of gamers.

InMyOpinion3960d ago

Why claim only 1080p is true hd when it's what the games actually looks like that matters most? ;)

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gunnar29063960d ago

Ripten is looking for a cheap popularity?
I made a call and somebody told me that that guy from Beyond3d was a comlpelete phycho.
I used to read that guy’s researches. He is completely illiterate perosn, who invented his own “pixelscope” who counts similary colored pixels and makes his own stupid decisions. I bet he doesnt even understand simple principles of rendering and video output& No upscaling can be made from 600 pixels to fullscreen 1080 pixels without any noticable distortion of a picture. Everyone who knows anything on 3 D programming can say that that guy raves.
In case of Halo 3 everything is much more simple. There are cropping black strips on the screen that define the real resolution of the game for sure.

Nostradavis3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )


First thanks for the comment. This article was published in defense of the game, and as an attempt to address some of the comments being made about the resolution. It does not attempt to state the resolution concerns, or findings made by one individual, as fact.

In regards to your comment about “cheap popularity” I don’t see how trying to provide our readers with information falls into that category.

If providing information and opinion is to be considered an attempt to gain cheap popularity, then your comment (as well as those of many others) which contain opinions and views would fall under the same category.


SmokeyMcBear3960d ago

what i dont understand, is how come infinity ward can make awesome graphics at 600p, and halo 3 has garbage ones at 640p.. simply mind boggling

Raptors3960d ago

I agree in the sense that I was disappointed in the art direction that Halo 3 took. I love halo and i thought they should've went for an edgier look. However, I challenge anyone of you to show me a game that utilizes HDR lighting better than Halo 3. Hate the game if you want but the lighting in that game was brilliant.

Kleptic3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

uh...Uncharted?...UT3?...and Cod 4?

Halo 3 has great HDR also...but I don't think that it achieved any level of lighting realism that other games haven't...

Crysis owns this category by the I am assuming you were talking strictly consoles...but I still don't think Halo 3 stands alone in terms of lighting models...

Close_Second3960d ago

...was a mixed bag. At times it was stunning beautiful and other times it looked like the Halo 2.5 that people claimed it to be. Best Halo 3 moment was when the flood's ship crashed and dusk was setting in. There was a fine mist and there was an erie glow. Inside the floods ship also looked damned impressive.

However, overall COD4 is the best looking FPS on a console to date.



The question here is that probably IW droped the definition to make it runs on 60fps. Halo 3, if I remember right, runs on 30fps. Aside that, CoD4 have a way better AA, and better designers overall (the 3D models are way more complex, tha enviroments was better choosed and constructed, the colors are a bit darkers overall, that make it looks better too).

Still, I don't think Halo 3 looks garbage, this is medium to allright, just not awesome (specially if compared to Call Of Duty 4).

Wii60_FTW3959d ago

Halo 3 has the best HDR in any game to date which makes up for it's lack of resolution.

My only question is, how can COD4 have less resolution and yet look much better with no scaler jaggiez at all? WTF? Halo 3 had horrible scaler jaggiez all over the screen which looked like upscaled xbox 1 garbage. So why doesn't COD4???? COD4 looks so amazingly crisp and clear, especially compared to Halo 3. How is this possible?

I'm sorry but I'm still calling BS on this news.

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green3960d ago

well actually its PS3 fanboys that love crunching out numbers

- HALO 3 (640P), PS3 (1080)P TRUE HD
- 360 (9GIG), PS3 50 (GIG)
- 360 (33% FAILURE RATE)
- HD - DVD (35 GIG) , BLUE-RAY (50GIG)
- KILLZONE (2),MGS(4),FF(13).
- WAIT UNTIL (2008)

you guys never fail in bringing up numbers every single time.360 owners don't care about figures as long as the end result is stunning they will buy it.

Azures3960d ago

really? Cause 360 owners are pretty good at counting numbers too from what I've seen.

Then again you could be right, they probably do live in ignorance.

popup3960d ago

I personally just love brackets. (THANKS)

InMyOpinion3960d ago

Couldn't care less about companies bragging about numbers and showing of phony tech demos that never deliver what they promise. Numbers don't mean anything when your actually playing the game. I'm all about gaming, not masturbating to tech-specs. That's why I bought a 360 in the first place.

Kain813960d ago

Halo 3 is nothing more then a simple shooter (in my opinion, not a good one), but M$´s advertising works, and people buy it, but it is a worst game.
If one guy say to you this game is awesome, you would think no it is not.
If some guys says this is a Awesome game, you would say: mmh maybe
BUT if 1000 persons say this game is awesome, you would believe.
But in real this game sucks

( i hope you understand, what i try to explain)

Boink3960d ago

I don't understand. if it was like you say, then people would buy it, realize it sucks and not play it anymore. that's what people do with crappy games.

halo 2 was still being played by hundreds of thousands up to halo 3's release. and halo 3 seems to be taking the same route.

you may not like it, that's your opinion and you're welcome to it. but to say it's only hype and is really a bad game in disguise is wrong.

are it's graphics the best out there? apparently not, is it one hell of a good time? the people say yes it is.

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