Gran Turismo 5 2.01 Released, New B-Spec Seasonal Event

The latest GT5 update brings a long list of changes and bug-fixes and a special new Seasonal Event.

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Quagmire2455d ago

Lol, broken game is still broken. So glad I bought Shift 2 over this.

BrianG2455d ago


Good game is getting better... GT5 is one of the only games I have at the moment that still remain relevant and fresh almost a year later thanks to updates.

waltyftm2454d ago

Well said, the B-spec seasonal's are fun and just what i need to level up my driver, new update today also tightens up Go-carts and other features.

SolidStoner2454d ago

Love GT and huge respect for PD team for so many updates, paches and fixes! Cant wait for next one, every time they bring something new, I will never get boored with this game!

a_bro2455d ago

SHIFT? Mothafuka, you must be trollin....

snake-OO2455d ago

at least its supported with updates unlike some games

Taz Yamauchi2454d ago

@Quagmire OH No! not SHIFT 2 That toucher

Knushwood Butt2454d ago


Shift 1 was broken on PS3 from day 1 and remains a buggy PoS TO THIS DAY!!!

tarbis2454d ago

Shift? You mean Shit.

Narutone662454d ago

Why is Quagmire's comment not flag down as trolling?

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bahabeast86192454d ago

shift 2 over gt5??? ROFLMFAO

mcstorm2454d ago

Im glad PD are still fixing and supporting the game but I really dont see the pint in BSpec. Ide rather of had all cars premium and more typed of races than bspec. I dont know anyone who plays the mode but there must be people who play it im sure.

waltyftm2454d ago

Just think of it has having your own virtual driver, train him up and let him gain xp and destroy other peoples drivers online, while offline you earn xp and gain additional cars too.

Redempteur2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

The same reason football manager exist or PES has a become a club manager mode for football . People also wants to manage rather than play and that is coming more evident in every game

morganfell2454d ago

B Spec is racing's take on the RTS.

mcstorm2454d ago

So are there alot of ppl that play bspec then? If so then ok but like i said not for me more into racing the cars my self than management of a driver but its each to there own thats why we have choices.

a_bro2454d ago

in B-spec, you are the race principal.

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shikamaroooo2454d ago

Instead of releasing a new game they release free patches gotta love pd already psyched for a spec III hopefully we get one

GMWPS32454d ago

This is the only game I keep on playing even a year later!! I hope they have a lot more car packs coming out because I want to try out the latest models!

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