Blu-ray BD+ crack released

The BD+ crack from Slysoft is finally out.

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Boink3771d ago

more HD movies downloadable for me:)

deadshark13770d ago

they should bring out a thing which lets u watch it withought a hdtv lol only kidin i have a 40 inch hdtv

jack who3771d ago

sony but boo ray is on crackable?

Lucreto3770d ago

One little tweak and they will have to start all over again.

paracardium3770d ago

lol 1 firmware update and that will be over.

Boink3770d ago

how will a firmware update prevent someone from ripping blu ray discs on their PC and sending them over the web for people like me who will download it and stream to my flat screen?

even if they apply a firmware update to bluray drives, the person ripping will obviously not get the update?

blu ray and hddvd are cracked, nothing sony or toshiba will do can stop this.

Azures3770d ago

I cant wait till we get to the point where we hunt down these crackers like its the war on drugs. Cause it will happen/

sarlucic3770d ago

Ehm :p theres been bluray movie rips out on the net for a very longtime?

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The story is too old to be commented.