IGN - Battlefield 3: Which Platform Has the Best Graphics?

IGN - We compare the graphical prowess of the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC versions of BF3.

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-Alpha2372d ago

Clearly the Commodore 64 version.

xPhearR3dx2372d ago

I'm actually quite surprised how good the 360 version looks, especially since the Beta looked downright terrifying. Only thing that bothers me is, there's a lot of really low res textures next to high res textures after you install the HD pack. Not THAT big of a deal, but it hurts the atmosphere at certain points.

ZombieAssassin2372d ago

The C64 is close but the Pippin is where this beauty really shines.

FunkMcnasty2372d ago

Yea, I was gonna say the same exact thing. There are inconsistencies in textures, and some texture seem to take forever to load. The lighting looks superb though, and I think the gameplay is bar none for the current FPS genre. I'm sure it looks a little prittier on playstation, as I heard DICE were optimizing each version for its specific platform.

GrieverSoul2372d ago

Easy one! The bottom left corner looks definitely sharper and overall color is more realistic.

My 2 cents. :)

frostypants2372d ago

I concur that is looks very good on the consoles. WAY better than the beta, as expected. But yeah, there are some hitches. Still has some screen tearing, and sometimes objects pop-in, but it doesn't impact the gameplay.

It's not high-end PC quality, obviously, but it's still damn good for a cross-platform console title. I can't expect them to have done much better than this. It's sure it purty.

MetalFreakMike2372d ago

My overclocked Commodore 64 whoops the Apple II and I get 1 frame every 10 minutes! I'm in gaming heaven!

nycredude2372d ago

This game is the most optimized pc game I have ever played. I ran the single player on ultra with no aa on my laptop with no problems.

However there are inconsistencies in the textures, even in the pc version on max.

I bought it on ps3 also to play with most of my friends and that version looks surprisingly good compared to the pc. Obviously the pc looks better but I have to give kudos to Dice for their coding.

Corax2371d ago

I don't know why IGNorant is making a comparison video when DICE already said "PC will be the best looking." This is so stupid don't click giving this site hits. Enjoy the game on the platform you bought it on.

gamingdroid2371d ago

***My overclocked Commodore 64 whoops the Apple II and I get 1 frame every 10 minutes! I'm in gaming heaven!***

My Atari beats your OC Commodore 64!

Ever played Pong? Yeah, that is the shiznit!

pangitkqb2371d ago

I always chuckle a little when whole articles are dedicated to a question with an obvious answer.

zeeshan2371d ago

Game looks fantastic on my PIP-BOY 3000 that doesn't even exist in real world :P

ChrisW2371d ago

I wonder how it would look on Virtual Boy? I can only imagine how awesome and realistic it'd be.

da_2pacalypse2371d ago

Why does IGN always have to start these fanboy wars -_- why can't we all just agree that battlefield 3 is a great game?

HardCover2371d ago

Some people are interested in this sort of thing.

If you're not, you don't need to check out the article. It's really that simple.

AngryTypingGuy2371d ago

It cracks me up how for years people counted out the 360's graphical power. Yet when the most photorealistic game ever comes out, the 360 has a version that looks better than the PS3's version.

I will personally be getting the PS3 version since the people who I want to play it with also have the PS3 version, but love it or hate it, you have to acknowledge that the 360 can still hang with the best of them.

MaxXAttaxX2371d ago

No significant differences to brag about. Any version you choose will do it.

thereapersson2371d ago

Worst obvious trolling attempt I've seen in a long time. Also, are you blind? Or maybe you need a better monitor?

AngryTypingGuy2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

thereapersson...I call it like I see it. Based on what I saw in the video, the 360 version looked better. But now that I've seen the Lens of Truth full Head2Head analysis, I think the PS3 version is looking better, which is good since I will be getting that version.

You know the good thing about owning both consoles? You can be totally unbiased as to which version is the best, and get that version. You don't have to be a fanboy in the least. Maybe you should try it.

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ChrisW2371d ago

People who think you can't spell ignorant without the IGN only come to N4G to NAG.

frostypants2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

I'll wait for the Apple IIe version before I pass judgement. I just hope they can fit it on one floppy disk. Maybe they'll use both sides. I do wonder though if they'll go for lime-green terrain, or stick with purple...

bozebo2372d ago

in that crappy vid they all look exactly the same

stumpa2372d ago

No way spectrum 48k rules

JANF2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Call me crazy, but I dont see any differences between PC and consoles in this video. I still think there are games that look better than this.

superrey192371d ago

that happens when u divide the screen 4 times and the video is low res, you cant see all the details. everything looks the same in those small rectangles.

ATi_Elite2372d ago

Currently running BF3 on my Amiga 500 and it looks super outstanding! Going to the store today to pick up a copy for my Neo Geo.

Why o why2371d ago

my amiga 1200 (with aga chipset) lays the smack down.

Nice one Dexter, pissin contest defused;)

JellyJelly2371d ago

Atari ST for me. I'm an audiophile.

Why o why2371d ago

had one of those too. i love the colour grey

jesus on

TheRacingX2371d ago

I got it on my Vectrex, it came with TWO different color overlays for the screen....THAT is the future.....

...stay gaming my friends...

dredgewalker2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

I wonder how the Intellevision version of BF3 would fare against the Amiga and Atari?


God I remember how expensive Neo Geo cartridges back then since it had the arcade chips inside.

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ATi_Elite2371d ago

Nope the Turbo GF-X 16 version is way superior to the 3DO.....FACT! :)

waiting for an Atari Jaguar release date of BF3 also.

Ilikegames762371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

I hope this game can run on my 286 PC, I'm still waiting to see if it will need a math coprocessor to run this game. I'm sure it won't run on my old PC XT.

MEsoJD2371d ago

Did they really need to put the pc version in there?

AKS2371d ago

I think the Frostbite 2 engine would be a perfect match for the architecture of the RCA Studio II. Make it happen, DICE!

Bathyj2371d ago

Yeah but which has the best load times?

Floppy disk or tape deck?

Its too big a game to be on cartridge.

TheRacingX2371d ago

The Atari 800 will use both, that way you only need to type *.exe to boot from DOS and the tape deck hits you with the lifelike audio......only thing that sucks is if you die you have to rewind the tape back

cozmo1952371d ago

my toaster is the best console EVER

i mean it plays BF3 max settings at 1 frame a millennium AND makes toast if that's not gaming i don't know what is

Bathyj2371d ago

Well my PS3 can play 25 - 30 fps but it takes a day to make toast.

Jayjayff2371d ago

is it me or Bf Bc 2 looks better than BF 3 for ps3? and please tell me if they can fix the whole pop ups in texture with an update because that is killing.

BinaryMind2371d ago

The Intellivision version had great potential, but it loses out to a horrible framerate and constant crashes.

Bolts2371d ago

What a fanboy. The Amiga > the Commo 64 version.

50Terabytespersec2371d ago

This is rather an odd unbelievable score!
It is as though the Developers actually decided to do somethings right on the PS3 and not lead off of the 360 ??
If thats the case ?
well but for now I have to see it to believe it.
Usually with PC shovel ware Xbox 360 is the standard lead and every other system gets the shaft in the process..
Hmm im skeptical but for now I believe.

lMHl2366d ago


Your 2 cents must be american currency cause it is worthless

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Quagmire2372d ago ShowReplies(2)
knifefight2372d ago

Virtual Boy, mother####ers

RyuDrinksTheDew2372d ago

graphics that ACTUALLY make your eyes bleed haha.

RyuDrinksTheDew2372d ago

i guess someone didnt get the joke.

didnt play a virtual boy when you were younger?

cochise3132372d ago

That red tint hurt the eyes bad. I wish they used a more calming color like green or something.

SephirothX212372d ago

<insert any previous gen console here>

2372d ago
frostypants2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

TurboGrafx16. ColecoVision. Atari Jaguar.

trouble_bubble2371d ago

Panasonic 3DO b%#@s! *self high five* You get what you pay for, AMIRITE?