Why Is There So Much Heat Around Reviewers And Their Reviews Lately?

TheCrapgamer of writes:
As a reviewer and someone who writes a lot of opinion pieces about video games, I have come to realize you need to have some thick skin. The sad fact of the matter is that the main group of people who will read your work are going to be pretty fanatical one way or the other, so they are either going to read and agree with what you write, or they are going to disagree. Most don’t leave it at disagreeing however, they like to troll or flame or insight arguments. I feel that it’s this type of person that is actually causing a lot of reviewers to give out scores to games that they don’t actually deserve, we are seeing more and more reviewers bow to this type of pressure, so we aren’t seeing legitimate scores like in years past.

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zeal0us2334d ago

Fanboys believing their favorites deserves nothing less the a great score/review. Some reviewers just trolling/giving [email protected]$$ review. And some other stuff.....

Angels37852333d ago

Completely agree. I for one am personally tired of reviewers shit in general holding standards for some games, then letting them slide in others. Not talking about recent events with uncharted 3 so much as reviews in general this gen.

thebudgetgamer2333d ago

Because people keep writing articles about it.

MattS2333d ago

The problem is anyone with a blog can call themselves a "journalist" now.

It would be like some random dude walking into an operating theatre, grabbing a scapel and performing an open heart surgery with no university training or qualifications.

People that go through formal journalism degrees and cadetships with newspapers or magazines learn about things such as ethics and how to report on stuff properly. Games journalism doesn't have many of those at all, because games journalism is treated (and pays) like the sludge at the bottom of the barrel.