Know thy Game Reviewer - Gamers Riot

A game comes out, gets a parade of good scores, and one review comes along and gives it less than the others and that reviewer inevitably gets enraged upon. But, if you know the reviewer than that review can give you the best possible information

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Gaetano2430d ago

It really is all about community. You shouldn't critique a person's opinion until you actually know of the capacity they're saying that opinion in. People say, "You gave it an 8/10 but IGN gave it a 9/10 so you're wrong!" but no one makes opinion out to be fact, because opinion is actually the way you SEE fact: how you interpret it. You can't possibly truly understand where someone is coming from if you don't even know all that much about them. It makes it hard for reviewers, and some make it out like reviewers are just IGN/Gamespot-wannabes when, really, they're just people that love to write about games.