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Submitted by Pozzle 1571d ago | opinion piece

Don't Feed The Uncharted 3 Trolls

To comprehend the true value of this Uncharted 3 review written by Eurogamer's Simon Parkin, you must first do two things. First, you have to actually read the review. Yes, the entire thing, not just the few paragraphs that happen to catch your eye. Second, you must play Uncharted 3. It is a phenomenal, medium-progressing work, yet many consumers who have an evident superiority complex must learn that even the biggest AAA titles such as the Uncharted games have their flaws. (PS3, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   1571d ago
There are people who will hate a game simply because its not on the console of their choice.

Then there are people who expect a game to get perfect scores, even though they haven't played it.
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Dante112  +   1571d ago
^ Exactly, I've seen this stuff happen with other exclusives as well from both PS3/Xbox360 owners.

Edit: I like how the media is making such a big deal outta a few people being disappointed with Eurogamer's review at the ***neogaf forums***, but when GeOW fans and even Cliff voiced their disappointment about Gears of War 3 reviews from Jim and Eurogamer, nothing was said or brought up at all.
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LOGICWINS  +   1571d ago
"but when GeOW fans and even Cliff voiced their disappointment about Gears of War 3 reviews from Jim and Eurogamer, nothing was said or brought up."

Ummm...yeah they did.
ShinMaster  +   1571d ago
Didn't you know?
Only 360 fans are allowed to complain about Gears 3 getting an 8/10 without other people here jumping all over them.
But when PS3 fans do it, they're the worst.

Seriously though, there are articles designed to bait people into arguments and for the sake of cheap hits. Uncharted 3 just so happened to (for some reason) get a lot more heat on this subject.
Other games/systems do get heat as well, but there are less articles about them and the heat usually dies down before it gets to this level.

Should've seen N4G for the past couple of days with articles containing 100s of comments of people going "No no you're wrong. You people can't take anything but perfection can you!", literally.
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miyamoto  +   1571d ago
I'd rather love and not hate. Be positive not negative.
"This has everything to do with the sad state of game consumers who have been so effectively conditioned by a number of the gaming press/gaming PR machines that these gamers leap to a title’s defense-not that this gem of a game needs defending- without even being open to the reviewer’s criticism (be it valid or not). That’s tragic. What’s even more tragic is I would argue the games medium itself has been damaged by this practice. Irrevocably? No. But it has taken its toll for sure.”

what a sad state of gaming these irresponsible bloggers has done to gaming. So much hate has been made out from gamers by these corrupted PR machines/ Its so unnatural and degrading. I can never justify more hits and more money generated from hate & negativity.

people really have to react and voice out to these hit mongers?

I come to the internet for news and facts and what do I see....flame bait articles, lies, deceit, twisted truth. Of course people will react!

Unchated 3 will sell itself though, just like Uncharted 2 did, despite the negativity of Eurogamer. No one can put a great PS3 exclusive game down. People will tell about it no matter what.
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Papertiger  +   1571d ago
Who cares about the trolls? When it all boils down, in the end Naughty Dog ultimately succeeded what they sought to achieve in terms of quality. The general consensus says that Uncharted 3, like is predecessor is once again a hit.

I cannot wait for November 1st to finally arrive.
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LOGICWINS   1571d ago | Not a reply | show | Replies(3)
LOGICWINS  +   1571d ago
^^Nice edit bro.
Dante112  +   1571d ago
@ LOGIC Three odd articles telling us about Cliff being mad (including destructiod) vs 20 telling us how wrong and dumb Uncharted fans are about Eurogamer by just going off the neogaf forums.

Edit: What exactly did he edit?
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solidjun5  +   1571d ago
"Edit: What exactly did he edit? "
he always say that to cover himself.

4 more dayS!
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ZBlacktt  +   1571d ago
At the end of the day. Does anyone, anyone really care about people who write reviews? If I took every reviewer that posted low scores on games. My experience over all the years playing would have been limited and shallow. A review is always someone else's opinion that will not be shared by everyone. Be your own critic and find out for yourself if it's good or not. Go rent the game first if you have doubts.

I lol at disagreer's of prefect logic. Sites full of these people.
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cheetah  +   1571d ago
Those wankers at Eurogamer always try to be different. It is so transparent that it borders on pathetic.

Sony games are subject to ridiculous amounts of nitpicking from certain sites and publications it is getting beyond a joke. You have people complaining about Uncharted 3 being more of the same yet games like Modern Warfare and Gears of War get a free ride.

I really don't need Eurogamer to strip UC3 down to the bare bones and go all Freudian about some flaw it has just for the sake of finding one.

The corruption that has entered the industry since MS came on the scene has destroyed once great sites and mags.
smashcrashbash  +   1571d ago
I agree. Why is it when we PS3 owners disagree with a score, we are psychotic, ignorant and an embarrassment with 200 articles telling us so. But when other gamers foam at the mouth over scores calling them unprofessional, sending threats to the reviewers and literally crying their eyes out they get about 4 articles and everyone moves on?

People barely even remember when 3DS fans ranted and raved about people saying the 3DS could ruin your eyes and even when as far as badgering a doctor who said so. They lashed out at anyone who said so.

Call the people who rave about UC3 reviews psychos if you want but don't go as far to say WE are psychos only. Let's not forgot the people who sent death threats and insults to the person who gave Twilight Princess an 8 point something score or the 360 fans who kicked and scratched because some reviewers gave Gears 3 an 8.

I mean come now people. I would think we are beyond the 'Sony fanboys are the worst' garbage by now after seeing how many of you rave about how bad a reviewer is because he gave the thing you want a lower score. Just stop the pretense. I will gladly stop fighting lower scores and the premature accolades of you stop as well. But we all know that's not going to happen.According to N4G, Skyrim has already won GOTY and beaten UC3 and no one has even played it yet.
NeloAnjelo  +   1571d ago
8/10 is still a good score. Reviews are opinions.

I would say though that marking down a game for being linear and not having much replay value is kind of silly... In my view at least, the experience that matters is your first play though. The experience of the story and how it grips you, the way it makes you feel. The controls and gameplay will remain the same each time you play, but the story has that one chance to surprise you and have that lasting impact. If a game does these well then it's at least an 8/10. Regardless of length or the size of the world.
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