Has EA Missed An Opportunity To Eat Into CoD's Reign?

Battlefield 3 is here and the results are in. Most critics and gamers are enjoying the game, but the acclaim doesn't seem high enough to make Activision shudder in its boots.

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NYC_Gamer2456d ago

BF3 does not have to eat into the sales of call of duty to be successful

Hufandpuf2456d ago

The plan was to steal a chunk of consumers, not totally obliterate them. We'll see what happens though.

KiLLeRCLaM2456d ago

I don't think MW3 will loose many fans but I do know that BF3 will get a lot of players coming over to play..

Kaneda2456d ago

They lost me years ago.. :)

2456d ago
Megaton2456d ago

Not releasing on Steam while putting such great emphasis on the PC version was derp. Could have been taking pre-orders for months, given away TF2 items, etc.

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