Japan's Wierdest Games You'll Never Play

While many of these games won't be released outside Japan you can still import them and use readily available translation guides to try them out if you're an adventurous importer.

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Dathcha3889d ago

Will people ever learn that it's 'weird' and not 'wierd'?
It seems only native english speakers make that mistake whereas foreigners somehow do it right... (mostly... from my experience... don't flame meeeee! :P)

B Man3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

I remember hearing about that a LONG time ago, and then finding out it was canned for the US and was only coming out in Japan on xbox 1. I'd love to check that game out.

KidMakeshift3888d ago

I want to try [email protected], but it's only NTSC-J. I wish they would make a non-region coded version