Infamous Has a Little Halloween Fun With Call of Duty (Modern Gorefare)

Kotaku - The creators of the enjoyable open-world Infamous games nto their super-hero cities. They've done it before, and, hey, we like when developers make jokes.

So cheers to the Infamous development studio Sucker Punch for taking a gentle jab at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in this week's downloadable PlayStation 3 vampire adventure, Infamous: Festival of Blood.

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L6RD7BLU32487d ago

OH NO, Sucker Punch just gave Activision some ideas LMFAO!

maniacmayhem2487d ago

Did anyone else notice one of the electronic shops in Infamous 2?

It was called Red Ring or something but the logo was the RRoD that the 360 used to get. I saw it and laughed, so awesome to have a dig like that in a game.

sorceror1712487d ago

All the ads and logos in Infamous and Infamous 2 have some joke or another in them. "Mid-Life Motorcycles", the gas company (run by a villain) "IBAD", etc.