GamesRadar: The War of the Worlds Review

"H.G. Wells was a genius ahead of his time. He created the original The War of the Worlds novel in freaking 1898, and we’re talking about a story involving an alien invasion, chemical weapons, heat rays, and goddamn battle walkers. That shit must have blown minds back then. Then Orson Welles produced the radio drama version that blew so many minds people actually thought it was real and lost their damn sanity, roving the countryside and shooting at shadows. Then minds were blown when the first movie version came, and then special effects budgets were blown when Stephen Spielberg created a modern version. The War of the Worlds, which released on XBLA today, doesn’t blow minds… it just kind of blows."

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JellyJelly2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

That describes how I felt about the trial demo.

@Quagmire - On the 360 all arcade games have demos. Don't know if the PS3 had one for this.

Deeke2489d ago

I agree wholly with the review. I personally was extremely let down and bored with this game, and the controls were awful.

Quite honestly this game reminds me of that awful SNES game that AVGN reviewed called "Lester the Unlikely", heh.

Deeke2489d ago

And yes, all Xbox LIVE Arcade & Indie games have demos :P