Kotaku: Should You Buy Infamous: Festival of Blood? Yes.

Kotaku - One of the PS3's best franchises gets an infusion if fresh blood this week with the Infamous: Festival of Blood DLC. The standalone add-on changes things up considerably for Cole McGrath, turning the lightning-throwing hero into a bloodsucking vampire. This individual offering doesn't tie back into the main game, so is the Festival of Blood worth your time and money?

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Joule2486d ago

Already bought for 8 bucks!!

MultiConsoleGamer2485d ago

Stop making decisions for your readers Kotaku.

LOGICWINS2485d ago

LOL, why are the people in the article telling us to buy a game they haven't played yet?

Silly gameAr2485d ago

I have played it (playing right now) and I definitely recommend it to not just Infamous fans, but anyone that likes games.

2485d ago
Silly gameAr2485d ago

I sound like an ad? I'm not trying to sale the game, that's just my opinion lol. You get a lot for that 9.99 you spend. (or 7.99 in my case).

So my fellow gamers. Come on down to the PSN store and BUY, BUY, BUY while the getting's good! ;)

trouble_bubble2485d ago

@Silly gameAR
You're not allowed to like playing games anymore, didn't you get the memo? You're supposed to complain a lot, talk about pre-orders, week 1 NA sales, metacritic and be generally sarcastic & unpleasant. That's gaming in 2011.


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nyobzoo2485d ago

I bought it for $8 and beat it, it's was worth it

nyobzoo2485d ago

main story is about 2hrs and getting everything can go up to 4-6hrs but like I said, for an $8 game, it's not bad at all

Bathyj2485d ago

He's convinced me, I want it right now.
But Im holding off from playing inFamous again until Move support comes out.

ginsunuva2485d ago

Festival of blood has move support. The full game will get it sometime this week or next.

Bathyj2485d ago

Nice, I knew it was coming soon, but didnt realise it was with FoB. Thanks.

Whats so funny TP?

vickers5002485d ago

"The full game will get it sometime this week or next."


Ocean2485d ago

Should people listen to a site like Kotaku? No...make up your own minds

Muitnorts2485d ago

How are you supposed to make up your own mind without playing it?
You have every right to ignore any site's reviews or recommendations but they exist for a reason. Not everyone can buy every game that might be good.

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