Violet Riots Erupt Over Skyrim's "Low" Requirements

Gamers Nexus: "Violent riots have broken-out over Skyrim's recently-released requirements, with some gamers equipping themselves with weighted mice and spiked keyboards to march on Bethesda's headquarters.

'I can max this game out on my two year old PC. If I buy a game, I should have to buy a $200 video card in order to play it on maximum settings,' one rioter said."

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Tjrocks7412487d ago

isn't it better because its cheaper? how stupid is this riot? answer: really stupid

SageHonor2487d ago

I hope this is a bad joke.

CaptainMarvelQ82487d ago

Im not sure,PC gamers have been spoilt with games requiring high settings to the point that they want to buy a something that justifies the high-end computer they have

Drazz2487d ago

So people r pissed that they upgraded for a game before knowing the

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The story is too old to be commented.