Everything We Know About Modern Warfare 3

Information gathered from the vast ocean of the internets and pooled for your reading pleasure, as promised. Segmented, digested and easy to read: This is Modern Warfare 3.

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3GenGames2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I'll sum it for you guys faster: MW2.

megacowdung2608d ago

I thinking more of Modern Warfare 1.9

3GenGames2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Yeah something like that, possibly not even that. I mean, it's downgraded in quality since COD4, aka MW. So maybe Modern Warfare 1/2?

And to Janitor next comment down, there's been 4 Battlefield games using the same base engine [BFBC,BFBC2,BF3,BF1943] and nobody complains about those yet the core gameplay is the same. You think it's just becuase of the title? No, the games are actually different but just don't differentiate from the core gameplay too much and each one also adds something different to the game. Unlike some others just plug in a different campaign and map and call it a new game.

I can't believe people are still supporting a company that supports not looking into newer and better technology and actually creates new games. What a joke, real shame this generation of gamers don't really know what innovation is because of this garbage and popularity of games being nothing but social tools, like the average gamer on some of these. Keeping up with the jones's, except videogame style.

0neShot2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

You are the idiots I really wanna smack the back of your heads. Haven't you BF pinheads read the reviews of BF3?, it's the same old BF.

@3GenGames, seriously dude, for every COD article published in this site, you will saying something stupid. You have a low, very low, job browsing this site and create negative publicity to an opposing product. Why is your life like this?

AAACE52608d ago

Don't get mad at them OneShot, perception is everything!

They can call it mw0.4 if they want. Doesn't change the fact that they have a formula that people like.

Janitor2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

So, if they changed the game, deviated from an established, well-reviewed, loved by millions, money-printing formula to something different, you people would bitch about how they "killed COD". They leave it pretty much the same, add minor tweaks and polish, you people bitch about how it's "just a rehash." I guess they can't win either way. Nobody is forcing anybody to buy anything. You don't like it? Fine, vote with your wallet. Just quit crying about it already.

Simco8762608d ago

Wise man right here....

Sad that people can't leave the damn game alone. I can't even say anything else.. Janitor summed it up perfectly

Hufandpuf2608d ago

What? The reason why cod got as popular as it did today was because the transition from cod3 to cod4 was immense. Cod4 is still seen to be the best of the series and it was the most ambitious title they created. After that they just copied the formula but left the soul of the game at the door.

0neShot2608d ago

You can't really make a decent exchange or even communicate or provide a rational explanation to anything if you deal with BF pin heads, with the immaturity of their minds and not realizing the burden of COD hate buried inside them.

KonGreat2608d ago

awwwwwwwh pooor yooou, would you want your mommy to help you?

Mate stop acting like a cry baby and just suck it up. why do you care what people say on the internet? I'm guessing that in the end you'll still be playing CoD, even if loads of people are hating on it.
But seriously I loved black ops to bits! But i might as well just wait another year and get black ops 2 or whatever it will be called

iMpuTeD2608d ago

you kids notice all the disagrees u get lmao u are the small minority that thinks cod is trash when it isnt. u prob get smacked on the mp all the time thats why u complain and talk crap lmao go play bf scrubs.

PotatoClock2608d ago

Yes we probably are a small minority.
Its too bad kids have Mommy and Daddys money to buy COD with. That makes it difficult for any game to compete with it.

And please, save the "I'm not a kid, I'm 20-something and I love COD!"

I'd be horrified if you are and then subsequently inform you that you should go back to school, seriously.

BTW, the definition of subsequently is "Following in time or order; succeeding."
Now you can fully understand what I just wrote :)

bahabeast86192608d ago

i wnt buy it up in now but ill definately borrow it from a friend just for the campaign