MP1st Battlefield 3 Co-op Review

It is hard in the beginning, not to compare this Battlefield 3′s co-op to Battlefield Bad Company 2′s Onslaught.

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iXenon2432d ago

4/5 sounds about right for co-op; the multiplayer is much better.

Hockeydud192432d ago

Haven't even gotten to the Co-op yet, been having too much fun on multiplayer. The jets are so awesome though. Sound so real and when I'm up somehwere high i'm like screaming duck and cover when an A-10 rolls by.

Criminal2432d ago

Co-op is good, but I hope they'll expand it through DLC.

cpayne932432d ago

This should have been local.

Hufandpuf2432d ago

I've only played the first two mission. I like Exodus "the defend mission" but the helicopter mission got frustrating for me because I was the only person that remembered how to fly a chopper and I kept getting put in the gunner seat at first. The pilot kept crashing and repeat. I finally got to be pilot and was doing really well, but then at the last minute my partner quit.

I seriously advise to avoid public co op and play with friends.