'Fall of Cybertron' timeline provides clues to future Transformers games

XMNR: A timeline for the Transformers game franchise was released on Wednesday based on what was started with War for Cybertron and continued with Fall of Cybertron coming out next year. It provides some hints at what the story in Fall will be as well as possible future settings of the battle between Autobots and Decepticons.

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rezzah2485d ago

The story is amazing as always, it's awesome that they remain to the true story and not something of their own.

That void in the plot can be space for some creative ideas of new wars.

aPerson2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Most Transformers series have followed this basic premise:

- Megatron declares war against the Autobots
- Great War almost destroys Cybertron
- Autobots (and most Decepticons) evacuate Cybertron and arrive on Earth

It's entirely up to High Moon Studios on how/why these events happened. It's their own Transformers story, loosely based on (but not in continuity with) the original series.

Queasy2485d ago

Yeah, but the difference is that there's never been much detail on the Civil War on Cybertron and what happened afterwards. High Moon and Hasbro are filling in the details of the Civil War and it looks like they could do the same with the time between when they leave Cybertron and arrive on Earth.

trouble_bubble2485d ago

Sure there has. There's been tons of detail on the Cybertron wars pre-earth, in the comics.

Dreamwave had a few War Within series and IDW has had numerous pre-earth series like Megatron Origins, Stormbringer and various Spotlights like Shockwave as well as the movie universe pre-earth.

The comics are usually better than the TV series