First screenshots & artwork of Lord of Vermilion

Square Enix has officially open the website of recently revealed Lord of Vermilion, and while nothing besides the Prologue is there, Famitsu posted the first screenshots and artwork of the game.

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Real gamer 4 life3921d ago

Yea it is and i am excited about this game,

Marona3921d ago


Read the Famitsu Magazine, "AC" which means Arcade, no PS3 in there at all. No where did Square Enix ever announce such a thing but such fanboys who declare it, check 360gamer for example. They posted news about it saying a new exclusive title. >>;

Darkiewonder3921d ago

People are jumping to conclusion to say it's a ps3 game. SE does other things too.

Whatever makes people happy I should not say.

Laexerias3921d ago

just shut up, if its going to be multiplattform both of u cry cause: COMPARE, i hate this, goddamned. And what if its a PC Game? Gosh.. just shut up and dont cry.

rosko4863921d ago

Same link ruibing posted, says this:

Nomura: "Versus" is taking time being developped because the team is trying to explore the whole specs (of the PS3). Our programmers were asking, "is it okay if we program it as a PS3 exclusive? If you're thinking of porting it to other consoles, we might have to change the specs to follow suit the others." And I answered, "PS3 exclusive, of course."

Darkiewonder3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

yeah yeah. but we are talking about Lord of Vermillion and not Versus XIII ^^

Laexerias, you my friend need not sip from your parents coffee mug ever again.

Laexerias3921d ago

But i dont know what that means. >=O Im still not perfect in English, so sorry dude.
Its just gettin on my nerves this Fanboy Drama... that could be a movie..


wow.. that would be sick.

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CAPS LOCK3921d ago

i wonder if they use the ps eye, like eye of judgment...

The Wood3921d ago

Im not familiar with this game at all. Is it worth getting excited about for rpg fans (if its even an rpg)?

CrazzyMan3921d ago

why do you care people?
go play EoJ then. =)

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