Skyrim: The Cure For The Common Multiplayer

Velocity Gamer: As we edge closer to the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim it pleases me to see that a game that has not fallen to the multiplayer boom can still garner so much attention.

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TheBlackMask2457d ago

Multiplayer will NEVER EVER EVER come to Elder Scrolls...

Want to know why.....because the game dosen't need it, it would ruin the single player experience. Even co-op would ruin it....if you want co-op in a RPG go play on Fable or force yourself to play Two Worlds.

Hockeydud192457d ago

...Did you read the article? Or is that a rant?

2457d ago
Pikajew2457d ago

What if they make an Elder Scrolls mmo?

ZombieAssassin2457d ago

I'd actually like to see that, still waiting for the Fallout MMO from Interplay (or whoever it is).

Bigpappy2457d ago

Well it wouldn't make sense in this series like co-op does in ME. Elder Scrolls is about a single person making it in a strange world. There is no 'us' or 'we', just 'I' or 'me'.

YoungKingDoran2457d ago

demons/dark souls multiplayer would work.
probably get invaded non stop though... and theyd never find you

2457d ago
Hockeydud192457d ago

Maybe if Elder Scrolls did somethin with the arena concept in Oblivion and turned that MP. I think that'd be cool. Don't like the idea of Co-op in Scroll tho. Just dosen't fit

TheDivine2457d ago

I would like something similar to the covenants in DkS. Maybe the guild you join could have you request up to 2 people to help with guild specific quests. Assassinate people together, steal together exc. Maybe there could be something pop up when someone is near you asking if they can join you. Have a helper guild who leave a mark by a dungeon if people want help. They could have up to 10-20 people show up in each town if they are all there anyways to make the world feel alive, trade stuff, and tell each other about secret cool stuff they found. Theres tons of ways to do it without forcing it on people who dont want it and adding to the game. Il always like playing solo but id love to cross paths with random heroes.

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