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Nitrowolf22307d ago

looks like a sword and a little after they show it doing a jab stab attack

Blackdeath_6632307d ago

its a sword. finaly some tiny little sneak peaks of other npc's and what to expect. decent footage.

jozzah2307d ago

Don't worry. Mods will save you!

OcularVision2307d ago ShowReplies(2)
Blackdeath_6632306d ago

not all of it some small clips are new

TrevorPhillips2307d ago

Did I just see a guys head getting chopped off :O

I cannot wait for this game!!!


Hazmat132307d ago

Long Live skyrim! that game and Uncharted 3 will take the most of my time ever!

TrevorPhillips2307d ago

Same here champ, same here. :)

YodaCracker2306d ago

Yeah, especially with Uncharted 3's "thousands of hours of content".

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The story is too old to be commented.