5 Features that would kick-ass in GTA V

With GTA V just recently confirmed, we thought we would write a list of some of the features that we think would be an awesome addition to the game!

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zeal0us2341d ago

Bring back some of the features that was in San Andreas

emforce2340d ago

yeah I have listed a few of them in the article. Got any specifics though?

Pikajew2340d ago

But if they do that we wont be able to climb ladders

2340d ago
iamnsuperman2340d ago

The cheats that appeared in GTA 3 (not specifically but the craziness of them).I loved just playing around with everyone hates you and everyone has guns. The best cheat combination ever.

emforce2340d ago

Aww man I remember those cheats! :L They were amazing! It's these sort of fun features that I felt that GTA 4 missed!

kma2k2340d ago

I would love it if unlimited ammo & upgraded weapons & extra money didnt lock out achviements. The day i got gta iv thats like the first thing i did walking off the boat. Seems like they can set up achivements that cant be exploited with the cheats we have all come to love & expect using in any GTA game!

kma2k2340d ago

I disagree with the gang wars but i like the planes idea comming back & custom cars.

Truth be told about the buildings though next gen they are gonna spend so much of the power on making eveyrthing look pretty they will have the same problem as now there are just to many buildings to make that really posible! But i agree it would be cool if they could!

mjsmufc992340d ago

i agree with all of them, i loved driving the train on San Andreas, and make sure that LAZLOW is in it!