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UK PSN Update 22nd Nov

Here's the UK PSN update posted by one of the EU PS forum moderators.

[game] G - Police
[demo] Blazing Angels
[demo] Uncharted
[add-on] Folklore - The Alchemist Pack
[add-on] Motorstorm - Rascal & Governor
[video] Ratchet and Clank Launch Trailer
[video] Devil Weekend Trailer
[video] Uncharted Hunting El Dorado
[video] Uncharted Facial Animation
[video] PSN Showcase Trailer
[video] Bad Company Trailer
[video] Beowulf The Game Trailer
[video] Uncharted Introducing Naughty Dog
[wallpaper] Tekken Wood
[wallpaper] Tekken Field
[wallpaper] Tekken Cathedral
[wallpaper] Tekken Atrium (PS3)

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I_killed_TheMart  +   2812d ago
seems like the tables have turned...us north americans get crap this week and u guys get a bunch....but don't worry UK lovers.....its not like sony cares about you guys anywayz..F*** Y'aLL
MaximusPrime_  +   2812d ago
now it is a deal.

Btw nice to see Gpolice. But i really wanted to see Colony Wars again.
NeonSkull  +   2811d ago
g-police was one of my favourite early playstation games, sony does have a shlt load of old games its sitting on that they could easily update for ps3 or even as updated psn download games. a g-police game in the mould of warhawk would be sweet.
my most wanted would be destruction derby 2, rollcage, colony wars,
zonetrooper5  +   2811d ago
About time Sony, now I will go off and download the Uncharted demo. Still downloading the Heavenly Sword demo as well.
Korosuke  +   2811d ago
I wonder each country has its own store in the EU ?
Or all EU people would access to the UK store ?
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Baba1906  +   2811d ago
yes more or less. there are some countrys that dont. most countrys get the same content. some times it changes a bit. germany has the most problems becouse of the age rating thing.
Korosuke  +   2811d ago
Thanks Baba1906.

I see, basically, each country has the same contents and maybe it's own language.
I guess that's why UK or other EU stores tends to get their contents later than US store.
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Biphter  +   2811d ago
Im in Denmark
And the content is English, but if there are any movie clips SOME have Dansk text. Im English anyway (Just married a Dane and live here) so I have my machine set to English i've not tried setting to Danish yet, but maybe that makes thw whole system (And Store) display everything in Dansk. Anyway, the content is always the same as is reported here.
stuntman_mike  +   2811d ago
hope they bring out both colony wars aswell.
Zip  +   2811d ago
All european departments has its own psn shop, with their native language (if only I could spell the word)

I see that as a smart move for sony, the target group is kids/teenagers/adults.

imange who has the biggest influence on the parents pick of game? I mean video games is getting quite comon, its almost at the same level as video enteraiment :)
monkey nuts  +   2811d ago
anyone know....
... if G-Police is an updated version of its predecessor? Much thanks.
S1nnerman  +   2811d ago
Downloaded the demo last night. HUGE fun :)
Lord Cheese  +   2811d ago
Uncharted Demo
about friggin' time! Shame i've got mass effect now, wont get round to uncharted for aaaages!
Biphter  +   2811d ago
Its strange how
We cant access the "Special" PSP content on the PS3 store... is the PSP Store (on the PC) a seperate entity? If so thats rather annoying. I would like to be able to see all content for PS3 and PSP on my PS3. Its handy if im at work for checking the store on the pc, but a bit daft if I have to fire up the pc at home just to access PSP specific stuff like Beats and the UMD games releases such as Wipeout Pure if im already on my PS3. Seems a bit strange.
hardcorehippiez  +   2811d ago
woohoo at fricken last
have been waiting for the uncharted demo and wow yea im impressed thats another one for my christmas list now . good update for a change !!!

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