Skyrim small install size for PC, Bethesda bragging rights

Why is it that lesser games than Skyrim require far more free space? Bethesda's VP of PR and Marketing has cleared things up for us, his answer makes us wonder why other games are so large.

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Voxelman2485d ago

Big things can come in small packages

MasterCornholio2485d ago

Wow I thought it would be bigger.


Si-Fly2485d ago

Considering its basically a 360 port this doesn't surprise me. Think we'll be needing more disk space once the modding community start releasing high quality texture packs.

B1663r2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Meh, as substances and substance shaders start to replace textures, this boogeyman will go away. Substances offer extrememly high detail, diffuse, specular, normal and bump maps yet are a fraction of the size of texture maps. Say... these assets are now measured in kilobytes rather than megabytes.

The downside is, you have a console with a dx8 fixed function shader, you are basically screwed over the next two to three years, as your console has no way to emulate substances... Short of filling your now unneeded high capactity yet kinda slow drive to the brim with assets.

Skyrim basically represents the first of the games that will be replaceing substances with textures, so high resolution texturemaps won't make much of a difference.

Size isn't everything...

Like I said, if your console uses a Dx8 fixed function shader you are screwed, you will have to buy an xbox if you want these types of graphics on your console.