1987 - Looking Back On Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Imagine you’re back in 1987. Three Men and a Baby was the number one film. Leg warmers, shoulder pads, and big hair were in style. In the video game market, Nintendo was the top dog.

The previous year, The Legend of Zelda became a smash hit. A sequel was demanded by the masses. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link was what Nintendo created to quell the ravenous hunger of video game addicts.

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Titanz2403d ago

What a challenge it was.

cl19832402d ago

I still haven't been able to beat it.

3GenGames2402d ago

I myself hated it, although I've tried to play it many times. Bad overworld graphics and bad controls make it unplayable IMO, along with those stupid enemies that jump you while you walk. It has really good music though. The original was vastly better overall though. Any other name besides zelda and it would have flopped honestly, but still, glad it continued as it's a very solid series obviously. :)

2402d ago