Game Informer - Battlefield 3 Console Review: Smaller Maps, But Still Elite

Dan Ryckert writes: Modern first-person shooters have started to resemble big-budget Hollywood blockbusters in recent years, a trend that has received both praise and criticism from gaming audiences. Being shuttled from one explosive set piece moment to another can be thrilling, but when this formula is overused it feels you’ve boarded an on-rails Disneyland ride. While the Battlefield 3 campaign isn’t devoid of this feeling, its multiplayer offers a much more natural (and rewarding) sense of large-scale action. With dozens of players battling across nine massive maps in tanks, jeeps, helicopters, jets, and on foot, multiplayer matches feel like a genuine war rather than a small-scale skirmish.

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WolfLeBlack2341d ago

A very enjoyable read and an impressive score for Battlefield. I'm looking forward to hitting the battlefield tomorrow and seeing if my previous skills in the series are still intact :D


Spitfire_Riggz2341d ago

although the guns have some extra heft to them and vehicles changed a little bit you should be perfect.

I have encountered so many noobs who dont spot or give ammo/health when I request it! As long as your core battlefield is with you you will do great

VvKILLAGOOSEvV2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Very good score from GI

Been playing a lot of multiplayer, and time has been flying by...I know single player has been considered average, but honestly I still think its fun...I bought Battlefield 3 to bring the pain online anyways, as I always do, and it's unmatched in that department.

WarMachine5392341d ago

A great review, nice to see replay value considered in a review!


Yes, I totally agree...Also, did anyone catch this in the review?

"Tight gunplay, exciting set piece moments, and a more focused narrative than its primary competitor help to make this the best shooter campaign since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare."...This is so true.

OcelotRigz2341d ago

Nice review.
"The size of the maps, variety of vehicles, and overall scale make for some fantastic moments that couldn’t be recreated if you tried."
This is what i liked to hear and one of the main reasons why i loved BF:BC2, i've had some unforgettable moments while playing that and cant wait to get my hands on this. One more day to go...

anticooper2341d ago

thats all good:-) but im not getting this game NO WAY!!

SJPFTW2341d ago

cool story bro. tell it again

anticooper2341d ago

NO WAY im getting this game, but its all good:-)

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