Grand Theft Auto V: Could Multiple Protagonists Radically Change GTA?

GamePro: An inside source alleges that the fifth installment in Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series will no longer focus on just one protagonist, but several characters important to the overarching narrative.

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iamnsuperman2491d ago

It would be a really bad idea. The thing that makes GTA have a strong narrative is how you develop relationships with other character you meet along the way. One Protagonist works because GTA is always about story and having more than one protagonist, for me, would harm this.

Yi-Long2491d ago

... so why wouldn't GTA be able to achieve that!?

omi25p2491d ago

GTA Always makes you feel the emotion of the character. Constantly switching between characters would lose alot of the emotion.

I.E. When roman is kidnapped in GTA IV i was so annoyed i couldnt start driving round the city looking for him before the mission had even started.
If i was to have switched character then i wouldnt have been as annoyed thus losing alot of the emotion.

raWfodog2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

@ Omi25p

They didn't say anything yet about having to 'constantly' change characters. What if the entire story is told in chapters, each belonging to a specific character? Once you play that chapter with that character, the story may shift to continue the story from a different characters perspective.

Redempteur2490d ago

GTA 4 already did this at some degree i want something like that except more involved ..
it's not that hard to do.


I can see them pulling it off. Look at how liberty cities stores crossed paths with each other.

Playing them made me want to go and play gta4 again just to see at what points what was going on with with who while playing as niko.

One thing I loved about the old gta's was the feeling of going from a nobody in the town to becoming big play. the side missions and stuff like buying property and earning money added to that feeling quite well. I am not sure they could pull that off with different characters unless it still focused mostly on one.

IronFistChinMi2490d ago

If it's a more developed version of GTA IV's crossovers, then it will be a great feature.

Edito2490d ago

heavy rain influences :-) cool.

Dfooster2490d ago

What if all the main characters start off in jail together and then the game goes back in time to see how they all ended up there and then have a huge twist at the end. I'm thinking in a kinda usual suspects sort of way. Could be cool.

Main_Street_Saint2490d ago

You mean something along the lines of a Kaiser Souze? That could be interesting.

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